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The Massage Elite offers every facet of massage and bodywork services. We are a highly skilled team of Licensed Therapists with a penchant for quality bodywork and a service-first mission to leave our clients feeling their best. Our therapists have an average of ten (10) years of experience. When it comes to a massage, what matters most is the therapist and that is where Massage Elite has invested.

Most people don't know there are dozens of massage modalities. The best massage will be customized to the customer and will actually incorporate multiple different modalities as opposed to just "deep tissue."

read more › Massage Elite is a massage and bodywork boutique and we love what we do. As a small team of skilled therapists working side by side, we aspire for the holistic lifestyle: a place where work, life & inspiration are all equal and integrated organically. Our goal is to promote self care and heightened physical awareness. Educating clients through palpation, massage and muscle manipulation. Thus, providing bodywork that is relaxing, as well as therapeutically driven. We sculpt with the knowledge that massage is cumulative and rehabilitative, while educating our clients towards homeostasis!

read more › All of our practitioners are professionally licensed & trained, and are deemed masters by our highest quality standards. Amy is a navy-brat with a gypsy life! She fosters a holistic approach to healing that uses neuromuscular and deep tissue therapies to integrate the mind and body as they move toward seeking a natural, healthful equilibrium. She appreciates massage therapy as preemptive health care, as it encourages stress reduction and increases mind/body awareness. In this vein, she likes to incorporate full body flushes through traditional Swedish techniques with slower, more deeply focused work to address habituated patterns of tension.

read more › Fassage is the lifting and sculpting of your facial muscles resulting in more radiant skin, released tension and a relaxed jaw (HELLO teeth grinders!). It is common when recieving a facial to also experience a facial massage, but what is unique about our "Fassage" is the focus on the muscles of the face, neck and jaw. Though we use high end products during your treatment our focus is on the integrity of the fascial layers. This treatments focus is not to cleanse the skin's superficial layers, but rather to penetrate to the subcutaneous and beyond removing tension, strain, and stresses that have accumulated within our facial features.

read more › Hot stone massage therapy is a relaxing way therapist can work deeper into the muscle more quickly. Hot stone massage involves the use of smooth, heated stones that the massage therapist strategically places on the body or rubs on the body with the palm of their hand. The penetrating heat and weight of the stones, used during the massage loosen and relax tense muscles, promoting deep relaxation that allows a massage therapist to manipulate the muscle intensely without causing pain or discomfort.

read more › An overall positive impact on the babies physical growth, as well as, a heightened awareness of your babies cues. The fact is that any child who has undergone trauma or suffered an injury which has led to pain and discomfort can get a massage to help alleviate the symptoms. Kids don't take well to discomfort and are likely to get cranky and difficult to handle. In this situation, it would be difficult for their parents, and even the medical staff attending them, to comprehend their needs and provide the right solution.

read more › The prenatal massage is a safe way to relieve numerous common discomforts felt throughout pregnancy while improving circulation and overall mobility. The prenatal massage is one of the healthiest methods to alleviate stress and promote wellness during pregnancy. Due to the bodily changes experienced throughout pregnancy, each and every session is tailored to meet an individual client's needs. Pregnancy causes the client's center of gravity to shift; carrying a child adds stress to the back, abdominal muscles, shoulders, and neck and helps create an unstable posture.

read more › Reiki is an energy work modality which reduces stress and promotes healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei which means "Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy", meaning a "spiritual guided life force of energy". This ancient, hands-on healing technique, which is capable of deeply stimulating the relaxation response, and holistically supporting the body in its own innate power to self-correct and restore health and well-being. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

read more › Shiatsu is a form of massage that originated in Japan and traditional Chinese medicine, and has been widely practiced around the world since the 1970s. Shiatsu means "finger pressure, " which describes the technique. In shiatsu therapy, pressure with thumbs, hands, elbows, knees or feet is applied to pressure points on the body. Eastern medicine has a completely different perspective on health, the body and what is needed for healing. The West approaches illnesses and disease as problems that need to be fixed, with the remedy usually in the form of a pill.

read more › The Swedish massage technique is the most widely known and accepted massage therapies found around the word. The bodywork is used primarily to soften the client's body and provide rest. Practitioners make deliberate strokes towards the client's heart to encourage the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The Swedish massage prioritizes manipulating the muscles, stimulating blood flow, improve overall circulation and mobility, and providing uninterrupted relaxation. The Swedish massage utilizes well-known techniques to achieve the above goals: effleurage, petrissage, friction, vibration, and tapotement.

read more › Youngsters need a massage too, between the juggling of school, activities, chores, acne peer-pressures, friends, social media, and a hundred or so other stressors. Not to mention the ever changing state of their bodies! Most professionals can attest to the benefits of a professionally licensed massage for all ages, even as early as infancy (please visit our Infant/Pediatrics Massage page for more). In fact countless studies exist conveying the benefits massage provides for kids and young adults, such as the reduction of stress and stress hormone levels, mood and behavioral problems, as well as boosting the immune system.

read more › Moderate to deep pressure, targeting specific areas of acute and/or chronic pain. Focusing on therapeutic results. This entails using various modalities/ techniques to help manage pain, decrease stressers within the muscles layers, promote flexibility, prevent further risk of injury. Provide balance to your bodies natural ability to heal.

read more › The ancient technique in which a trained therapist walks on a client's body, often using support bars to vary pressure and weight. Ashiatsu is an ancient type of massage therapy traditionally practiced in Asia. Modified for today's clients and practiced around the world, Ashiatsu is a type of massage therapy that utilizes the therapist's feet to provide pressure and weight. Also known as Barefoot Shiatsu, this method is primarily used to focus on a client's pressure points. To avoid causing injury to the client, Ashiatsu practitioners must undergo advanced training.

read more › An intense massage therapy that involves manipulating the fascia to increase vitality, relieve chronic body aches, and improve overall posture. Connective tissue therapy focuses on releasing connective tissue (myofascial) restrictions within a client's body while breaking up any uncomfortable scar tissue. The intense therapy is also used as a natural remedy to eliminate chronic pain, better body posture, and increase the client's range of motion. To achieve these feats, the connective tissue massage restores flexibility to the fibrous tissue (fascia) surrounding key muscles and organs.

read more › There are similarities between Swedish and deep tissue massage; but the real difference is the use of pressure, and how the therapist manipulates the tissue(s). Deeper bodywork is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension by focusing on the fibers and layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding bones, joints and muscles). The effect; removing tension, pain from muscle triggers, and realigning a multitude of layers. The meat of what deep tissue work is all about lies within the adhesions, knots, build-up and waste throughout our bodies tissues.

read more › Cupping is a traditional Chinese therapy used to treat illnesses and imbalances for over 2,500 years. Originally, the "cups" were made from animal horns, and practitioners used their own lips to create suction. Today's cupping technique is performed where the practitioner creates suction in a cup, applies the cup to the client's body. In response to the suction, blood rushes to the area that is "sucked" up in the cup. Cupping's most potent impact by far is its tried-and-true ability to optimize circulation.

read more › The following licensed therapists will be receiving additional certification for Graston Technique and can be scheduled accordingly; Amy, Alisyn and Thomas. Graston Modality's most potent impact by far is its tried-and-true ability to optimize circulation. Increased blood flow. Who doesn't want to reduce the stress in their life? Stress relief is key to finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle. Even a single massage session has been shown to significantly lower heart rate, important hormone levels - all of which help reduce daily stress.

read more › Similar to many other body rhythms that can be felt or measured, like the pulse or respiratory rate, the Lymphatic System has it's own subtle rhythm. By applying nickel weight pressure along your lymphatic system mimicking the natural drainage of the lymph flow you aid the body to detoxify and eliminate metabolic waste. Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the Lymphatic System. During lymphatic drainage session, feather light touch is used following the direction of the lymph flow.

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