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Hands of Light is the #1 Professional Massage Therapy establishment located in the heart of Siesta Key Village. Every massage has a specific and unique focus. You may want to feel or perform better, repair injuries, decompress, or simply balance your emotions. Most of our sessions include a little bit of everything. Our therapies are designed to be tailored to your specific needs - thoroughly and effectively.

One technique does not fit all. If something isn't working, we listen and adjust. Since our bodies are always changing, so must our bodywork. Above all else, we are here to help people feel well and live more gracefully! Your Licensed Professional Massage Therapist finds all the right "spots" and addresses all the areas you would like to focus on.

Your Therapist spends enough time in those areas of concern to give you the necessary relief you need. Our experienced staff emphasizes the importance of taking time for you. Pause from your busy life to treat yourself to an exceptional massage!

read more › There Are Moments In Our Lives when we realize we need to do something differently than we ever have before. You may have suffered an injury, illness, setback, or change of direction. You may have set new goals: running a marathon, beating cancer, or you simply want to feel more vital like you used to! A massage at Hands Of Light increases circulation, strengthens your immune system, and releases tension. It loosens your muscles to help prevent injury and improve performance and relaxes your nervous system, helping you relieve stress while promoting healing.

read more › Our Therapists are simply the "best of the best" and truly the cream of the crop in Sarasota!. We should know; we've interviewed many since we opened on Siesta Key more than 25 years ago! At Hands of Light, we work only with fully licensed, qualified, and insured individuals with no less than 10 years experience in the art, with most of our Therapists having more than 15-25 years experience. All of our colleagues maintain a semblance of their own practices, including practices at other spas in town, and some are alumni of the most celebrated spas in the country, including the award winning Ritz Carlton in Sarasota and The Four Seasons Resort in Las Vegas.

read more › The most popular of all massage modalities, this service incorporates system of long, flowing strokes designed to improve circulation and relaxation. Kneading, and friction techniques are used on the more superficial layers of the muscles. This treatment is used primarily for a full body session to promote complete relaxation and total stress reduction! Just say Ahhhhhhh! These are highly effective treatments for the elimination of pain caused by soft tissue injury, regardless of when the injury occurred.

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