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Licensed massage therapist Sheila Resari, owner of True North Massage, offers therapeutic bodywork in North Portland, Oregon. At this time, I am slowly re-opening my practice and am seeing existing, fully vaccinated clients. My style draws on many years of experience and training, including Thai massage, the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, body-centered transformational coaching, and Craniosacral Therapy.

read more › Some people describe Thai massage as Asian deep tissue massage or lazy man's yoga. These techniques release muscle tension, increase flexibility and mobility, and open up blocks in your energetic body. Traditional Thai massage is performed on a thick mat on the floor, and clients remain fully clothed. While I no longer offer mat sessions, I enjoy weaving in Thai style presses and stretches into my table sessions. To help prepare your body for deeper or more specific work, I utilize the flowing strokes of Swedish massage.

read more › I had my first Maya Abdominal Massage with Sheila yesterday and it was a great experience. She really took the time to research my history and consult other practitioners, then she listened to me extensively and took a lot of time to treat me. Very highly recommended! Sheila took the time to assess where my body really needed the work instead of going for the exact spot of pain. It did the trick. Results were excellent! My regular LMT had an emergency and had to cancel but recommended Sheila who got me in that day!

read more › Deep tissue massage doesn't mean deeply painful, or only addressing the deepest muscle layers. I think of deep tissue bodywork as specific work vs. All of these create varying levels of "therapeutic discomfort, " and I think it's important to avoid pain so that your body stays receptive to the massage. Two ways I find useful to communicate about comfort levels include a 1-to-10 scale, and a stoplight scale. On a scale of 1-to-10, 10 being agony and 1 being barely there, the highest we want to go is 7.

read more › During pregnancy, prenatal massage offers relief from physical discomforts such as sore hips, tense shoulders, swollen feet, and an achy low back. With my wide array of pillows and bolsters to support the body, most clients coming in for pregnancy massage feel more comfortable on the table than they do in their own beds! Massage helps to decrease mom's stress level and to prepare her body for childbirth-thus helping bring happier, healthier babies into the world. After birth, moms benefit from postpartum massage as their bodies adjust to feeding and carrying a new baby.

read more › If you have out-of-network benefits, you may be able to use your health insurance to cover yours massage sessions. I'm happy to check with your insurer. If you need to cancel or reschedule your massage, please give me 24 hours notice; otherwise you will be charged $30. If you are going to be late for your appointment, please call or text as soon as possible and understand that your time may be shortened as a result.

read more › In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy (past the first trimester and into the second), I avoid abdominal massage for safety to the growing baby. After 20 weeks, I typically include Maya Abdominal Therapy techniques for gentle abdominal attention. The primary areas where women want and need massage during pregnancy often include the low back, shoulders, and legs. These places may become tense and sore with a changing, growing body. I don't recommend lying face down, or prone, once your belly protrudes beyond the support of the hip bones.

read more › On arrival: Look for a yellow two-story house on the west side of the street. You'll see a sign for Chiropractic & Wellness in the front yard and a sign for True North Massage at the front door. Getting to this location: The clinic is just north of Killingsworth, equidistant between I-5 and MLK. The nearest major North-South street is Vancouver. You can take the Killingsworth exit from I-5 North, or the Rosa Parks exit from I-5 South. Parking: On-street parking along Commercial. If you receive a parking ticket, please disregard; the tickets only apply to PCC students.

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