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It is with regret that we must postpone delivery of our services, though we have learned an immense amount about Craniocervical Junction (CCJ) injuries & Instability (CCI)! But due to poor treatment & medical misinformation in the initial & mid-term seeking of recovery, it was not understood that what had occurred was a much more serious injury than was communicated by the found healthcare team.

Recovery has been rendered quite slow. Please understand the following as pertinent to future treatment. Feel free to reach out if you believe you suffer from the same! We may likely have to respond via voice note, as extended conversation is not often possible, & must be clear that while informed by my profession, such information given must be understood to come from my capacity as a private citizen.

Relieve pain & tension, effectively, or bask in Hot Stone, Aroma & other Hydrotherapy applications & deep relaxation, with a therapist devoted to you, not a busy spa schedule. Or how about both? I like to do feel-good work that has the benefits of both Sports/Medical/Deep Tissue Massage, & Intuitive, Relaxing, Energetic Bodywork, without the pain you might expect from deep tissue.

read more › Please call during the hours of 8am-9pm weekdays; 10am-8pm weekends, at 541.579.1795, or email anytime at alexa@3moonsmassage.com. Please make sure to leave some days/dates & clear windows (times) of availability! We are located at the Nw corner of Se 12th & (1125) Se Division St. in Portland, Oregon 97202, through the one unmarked door between the new Aviv restaurant & the bottle shop, Beermongers. You are invited to use our lot, including the 15 min spots! When we can we provide & update a couple of weeks of available spots in real time, though at very busy times we may not be able to.

read more › Glad to see you taking care of this important issue of your health! I provide Medical Massage for accident victims as well as my regular work. I have also been an accident sufferer, & have learned quite a bit from suffering from my own injuries longer than I might have if I had known what I know now - can't wait to share it with those who need to know it! It's also important you get quality care as soon as possible, not only for the fastest recovery, but before the window on recovery starts to slip shut, especially if you had much tension beforehand.

read more › I do my best to be readily available for those who would like a tangible gift! Otherwise, you can send a payment to 3moonsmassage@gmail.com via paypal, following the pricing structure in the notes. Your purchase receipt will be emailed immediately to both of us, & you can send in your friend, family member or loved one, sometimes as soon as that day!

read more › Care for inuries is 100% free to all insured Oregonians with a claim # & doctor/ chiropractor's referral! Please see drop down menu under the Schedule A Massage heading! Cash, cards & gift certificates - even same-day if possible. If we can't link up you can also pay via Paypal & just send in your friend or loved one that way there it's by email & I'm under 3moonsmassage@gmail.com, though this is no longer a main email of mine - please notify me if you make a purchase! Please be advised, Medical Massage is quite different than standard Relaxation Massage or even Sports Massage, & is billed differently due to a number of factors.

read more › Just ask! 15% extra minutes/10% off your introductory session that ends by 4:45pm on a weekday & starts at 10am or later. If you'd like some extra time without using a special, our best bet for your best session is to have an idea of a range of what you'd feel most comfortable spending, & what you would spend if you were getting work that was particularly meeting your needs. Be honest in making a commitment to your session time. Let me know truthfully if your session time is tentative, /as soon as you do if something comes up to make your appointment tentative, & make sure to allot sufficient time to make that commitment a reality.

read more › I recently completed my MMp (Medical Massage Practitioner) certificate, & learned A Lot about what the "toxins" natural wellness folks often talk about - ever wonder what they are? Well, evidently there's good news & not-so-bad-either news. The good news is that if we have not had much in the way of exposure to heavy metals or other industrial toxins, & are eating pretty well - a decent amount of produce & organic foods - especially for meat consumption, that the bulk of our muscular toxins are not based on our consumption.

read more › I have a injury that I have been dealing with for the past two years. During that time I have had multiple massages by other therapists, which most have been good experiences. But I do have to say hands down Alexa has been the best therapist I have ever delt with. She is a wonderful person and truly has the gift. She makes you feel extremely comfortable. She has very strong hands but also has the nurturing touch. And then she also adds hot stones. I have never had the hot stones and now after i have experienced them I will not want to have a massage with out them.

read more › Greetings & thanks for reading here about my openness to hear whatever comes up for folks as we do our work together, based on my burgeoning career as a cross-culturally & spiritually informed mental health therapist. As many who explore & work to improve their physical health know, it is very much connected to our mental, emotional & spiritual health. For those whose belief systems/mental map include this perspective it is of monumental importance to connect all these parts of our mysterious wholes.

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