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Zen Massage We are more than passionate about massage than any other massage studio in Salt Lake City and dedicate much of our time to researching and perfecting the most effective therapeutic massage techniques. At ZEN Massage, we're constantly seeking the highest-quality products with better analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. We use superior essential oils, lotions, and creams, as well as the most advanced techniques to create the best massage experience in Salt Lake City.

While many massage therapists find something that works well and stick to it, we are always perfecting our craft and finding new ways to better our therapeutic techniques. This is an obsession and a passion for our company and our team and is the founding principle of a ZEN Massage. You won't easily find someone who knows more about massage therapy than our staff.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of service, skill, and experience we offer, and by the number of repeat clients we see every week. Our clients keep coming back because our therapy works and has both immediate and long-term effects.

ZEN Massage of Salt Lake City was founded in 2006 with a mission to re-invent the standards of modern massage therapy. From our opening day, we pursued extremes in quality and service that go far beyond what is considered "adequate" in the hospitality industry today. Why are we so obsessed? To convince those who have never had a therapeutic massage

Stress, pain, tension, and fatigue are common in today's world but rarely are they dealt with. The effects these factors have on blood pressure, immunity, sleep, and general health are dangerous and can lead to serious health concerns later on in life. Stress leads to chronic muscle contraction which causes serious pain, compromising your quality of

Today's athletes expect the most out of their bodies to perform at maximum efficiency. This can cause serious stress to be put on the body which in turn can cause muscle fatigue and even serious injury. Sports massage therapy is specialized massage therapy that identifies the muscle group in need of repair and works to minimize the stress put on the

Very few experiences match the relaxation and intimacy of a couples massage in Salt Lake City. Long overshadowed by flowers and chocolates, couples massage has quickly become the preferred gift for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and maybe most importantly, "just because." At ZEN Massage in Salt Lake City, our massage therapists specialize in creating

Massage therapy at the office relieves stress at its source, the very stress which affects how employees deal with customers and with each other. Chronic muscle tension, fatigue and on-the-job stress accumulate throughout the day and can turn your office into a harsh political environment where productivity and teamwork suffer. Stress also has a way

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