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Eden Therapy & Massage We are located in Charlotte's historic South End, right off of South Boulevard, near West Elm and Cava. Street parking, parking lot, and parking deck all available. I love going to Eden. From the moment you walk in, it's relaxing and you can feel the stress just melting off. I've tried a few therapists and they're all really good. I've had the hot stone, deep tissue, and the couples massage and have not been disappointed.

I recommend this place to anybody that's looking to get a quality massage and looking to just relax and let go of a busy day. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed! A no-show, cancellation, or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your appointment time will result in a charge of $30 for a 1/2-hour or 1-hour massage (per person), $45 for a 1.5-hour massage, and $60 for a 2-hour massage.

This charge will be made to your credit card or gift certificate. During our high-volume months of December, February, and May, cancellation fee is full price of your session.

read more › Add any one of the following essential oils to your massage treatment for only $5. Simply ask our receptionist when checking in or select the Aromatherapy Add-On when booking your treatment online. For more details about each essential oil, visit the Aromatherapy page. A no-show, cancellation, or rescheduling less than 24 hours before your appointment time will result in a charge of $30 for a 1/2-hour or 1-hour massage (per person), $45 for a 1.5-hour massage, and $60 for a 2-hour massage. This charge will be made to your credit card or gift certificate.

read more › This style uses deep, direct pressure and friction to physically break up scar tissue and muscle knots. The cross-grain movements used on knots can cause some discomfort during or after the massage, but are necessary to release scar tissue and realign the muscle fibers. Ideal for those who. Sensitive to pressure? If you are sensitive to pressure but need deep tissue work, we recommend a hot bamboo massage - the heated sticks relax the muscles and allow for a deep, targeted massage with minimal discomfort.

read more › Soothing, gentle, and nurturing, this is the most common massage style. Therapists will use long strokes, gentle kneading, and passive muscle and joint movement to lengthen muscle fibers. Ideal for those who. Need something more intense? If you prefer harder pressure or have chronic muscle tension, a deep tissue massage is probably better suited to you. This is a whole-body massage. Clients will start face-down and then flip onto their backs halfway through the session. If there is a particular area of concern, please let your therapist know beforehand.

read more › This targets 1-2 areas that have been causing pain and/or limited range of motion - great for those who hold all their stress in certain areas (such as neck and shoulders). This service is great for those with limited time. Ideal for those who. The therapist will first warm up the muscles with lighter pressure, then move into the deep tissue work: gliding pressure along the length of the muscle, followed by cross-grain friction. After the session, we recommend that clients drink water to help flush the waste worked out of the muscles.

read more › A systematic series of strokes and stretches targets soft tissue affected by a particular physical activity, alleviating the stress and tension built up in those areas. It is ideal for physical conditioning, training, recovery, or rehabilitation. By reducing muscle recovery time, it allows athletes to push harder and maximize performance while reducing their chance of injury or pain. Ideal for those who. The therapist will warm up targeted muscle groups before moving on to a series of strokes and stretches specific to the client's individual needs.

read more › This long-term therapy corrects postural imbalances and chronic pain related to those imbalances. These clinically tested techniques are based on a scientific understanding of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and are extremely effective at reducing or eliminating pain from a variety of physical impairments-chronic or temporary. Ideal for those who. This therapy is an excellent addition to mainstream therapeutic medicine and pain management programs. Your therapist will first conduct a thorough tissue examination in order to confirm the root cause(s) of a client's pain and to determine what techniques will be most effective.

read more › Smooth, heated basalt warms and relaxes targeted muscles, allowing therapists to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. People often describe hot stone massage as deeply relaxing and comforting, and the warmth is soothing for people who tend to feel chilly. Ideal for those who. The therapist will place the heated stones on the client's back, allowing heat to penetrate the targeted muscles. After the muscles are relaxed, the therapist will remove certain stones to work in that area, replacing the stones when done.

read more › The smooth, heated sticks allow for more penetrating maneuvers than a hands-only massage-with the bamboo sticks as an extension of the hands, therapists can easily palpate, find tension, and dissolve knots and trigger points. The massage can be as deep as necessary. Because bamboo holds heat longer than stones, this method is more effective for reducing muscle tension than hot stone massage. Ideal for those who. The bamboo sticks are heated to an optimum temperature, then used to knead and stretch muscle and fascia in all directions.

read more › Prenatal massage is recommended for the second and third trimester to relieve the physical and mental stressors associated with pregnancy. This is a face-down massage on a custom table, which allows for regular massage work without pressure on the chest or abdomen. Therapists generally work on the back, neck, hips, and legs, but can target specific areas at the client's request (like feet or lower back). Massage is an ideal component of prenatal care, especially in the latter half of the pregnancy, when swelling, aches, and pressure on weight-bearing joints become common.

read more › This soothing, gentle massage is designed to help new mothers bounce back to their pre-pregnancy state by balancing hormones and facilitating lymphatic drainage. After pregnancy, the body must recalibrate-draining excess fluids and waste, shrinking the uterus, and radically adjusting hormone levels-all while healing from the physical trauma of childbirth. Ideal for any new mothers, but especially those who. Lowering stress-related hormone levels (cortisol, adrenocorticotropin hormone, nitric oxide).

read more › A couple's massage is just like any other Swedish or deep tissue massage, except that both parties are massaged at the same time, side by side, by two different therapists-allowing them to share the nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic benefits of massage. Because massage releases oxytocin-the bonding hormone-a couples massage becomes an actual chemical bonding experience between two people. Sharing this experience sets the chemical groundwork for further connecting with a friend, family member, or partner in a meaningful way.

read more › Come a bit early! If it's your first visit, we'll need to make sure we have all your information and understand your health needs. Each of our massage rooms is painted in a calming green, with dim lights, and natural artwork. The temperature is comfortably cool (approximately 71 degrees). Massage tables are covered in a thin sheet and heavy blanket, with a heating pad under the fitted sheet. Your therapist will ask you if you'd like the heating pad turned on. Your therapist will greet you in the waiting area then show you to your massage room.

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