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JoyLife Chair Massage Providing on-site massage therapy to New York offices and events, JoyLife Therapeutics brings chair massage services to the convenience of your own office or event site. Our team of massage therapists across the US and Canada offer the professional and certified services of a therapeutic massage to the place or event of your choice, including corporate, family or community celebrations, convention and trade show booths, and various office and workplace settings.

Whether a small party or large client base, we are able to serve you according to your needs with our flexible time and budget scales. Ideal for convenience and time constraints of the New York City lifestyle, chair massages provide clients with the comfort of remaining fully dressed while receiving therapeutic attention to the tense and stressed areas of their back and neck.

The massage chair is fully portable and adjustable, allowing even a small conference room or trade show booth to become a revitalizing haven. Lasting generally five to fifteen minutes, the massage therapist is able to serve many clients in the span of an hour, and clients feel rejuvenated and less stressed after only short amount of time.

read more › For the busy New Yorker always on the move, the strain and pressure of every workday and the draining system of city life is enough to break even the most balanced individual. New York on-site chair massage is an ideal way to rejuvenate and relax even in the middle of a busy workday. JoyLife Therapeutics provides therapeutic chair massage packages for your hard worked employees in the convenience of your own office. Whether for a day of employee appreciation or a regular monthly reward, we can offer many plans to fit your specific needs.

read more › New York offers world class accommodations and venues that attract top conventions and the competition among trade show vendors in New York is extremely competitive. Make your convention booth stand out from the crowd by offering a free chair massage. The biggest challenge in trade show advertising is attracting and holding the attention of potential clients. More often than not, visitors pass by a booth and help themselves to literature or promotional items and continue on their way. There is only a small window of opportunity beyond the standard greeting in which to promote your company's product.

read more › New York boasts world class venues and luxurious accommodations and you can make these settings even more luxurious by providing a seated massage at your next gathering. Your special event can be enhanced and made more memorable by offering a complimentary chair massage to your guests. Planning a special event takes a great deal of time and effort and can be physically and emotionally taxing for organizers. High expectations for success can lead to increased anxiety for guests and organizers alike.

read more › New York is a rewarding and exciting place in which to work and live, but it can increase your stress level. And, if you are like most New Yorkers, you walk a lot, which can tax joints and muscles and magnify aches and pains. When you really need to relax, we are here to provide a full body massage that will melt away tension and soothe your aches and pains. Our network of highly skilled massage specialists use a variety of modern and traditional massage techniques and we ensure that their work is second to none.

read more › New York's corporate culture is extremely fast paced and competitive, with workers spending increasing amounts of time at the office. This can lead to fatigue, higher stress levels and increased tension among employees, which in turn lowers productivity and can be a cause of higher absenteeism and turnover among staff members. The benefits of offering chair massage as part of an employee health care or incentive program are considerable and workplace massage is becoming more popular among corporations looking to enhance the well being of their workforce.

read more › Chair massage is an ideal addition to a health fair. Health fairs are designed to provide screenings, information and to promote good health practices for all who attend. Many corporations are organizing health fairs as part of their employee wellness program and offering a seated massage can be an incentive for more employees to attend. Professionals who live and work in New York routinely suffer from stress related maladies. The demands of this fast paced lifestyle and hectic work environment can increase tension and feelings of anxiety.

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