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Atlanta Pride Massage My name is Marie Kistner. I am a licensed massage therapist, hypnotherapist, health coach and social worker. My passion is offering body-positive, life affirming massage therapy to assist people in healing on a variety of levels. During our current public health concerns, I will be focusing on hypnotherapy for pain relief and stress management. I will also be offering heath coaching and essential oil/aromatherapy consultations.

These are mostly done over zoom for purposes of every one staying as healthy as they possibly can. I want to help people feel their best during the massage and in-between sessions. I provide a safe, uplifting and nurturing space for people of all genders and orientations to receive the help that they need. This includes head, neck and back pain, insomnia, difficulty with movement and over use injuries.

As a health coach, I help people create goals, discover motivation and will power and develop the structure to make positive changes in their life. I can help people give up sugar, chocolate, coffee, soda, cigarettes and develop healthier habits.

read more › I recommend coming 10-15 minutes early to discuss medical history, relax before the massage, etc. If you are late, we will end on time so that we can be on time for any thing we may have planned the rest of the day. This respects both of our schedules. Massage therapy is for purposes of deep relaxation, stress management and reduction of muscular tension. Massage therapist do not diagnose illness, disease or disorder.

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