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And Ms. Eliza the Telehealth Remote Healing Assistant of the year (She's very wise, Ms. Eliza!) is on vacation. Or, do you want to come home to your body, heal from trauma, integrate body, mind, and spirit?. For twelve years I encouraged healing from pain and relief from stress. Additionally, I have been a research geek! As a researcher, I studied mind-body healing for Parkinson's and TBI, chronic pain and ankle sprains.

Since the pandemic, I now bring that same knowledge set to remote sessions. Because I know what it's like to hurt and feel helpless myself, I always emphasize self-care skills so that you feel empowered. With Integration Massage, you have several choices. First, with Ortho-Bionomy, I teach you how to find comfort and ease. Those sessions always respect your body's ability to return to balance.

Thus, you find ways to move more easily. Then, with MABT, I guide you to integrate mindfulness, breathwork and your inner body awareness, awakened by your own touch. Recently, I have refined my intuitive skills and I encourage you to develop your own.

read more › I grew up in a family of physicians, researchers and academics. My career detoured in college with massive brain damage: loss of memory, vision, sensation; no connection to childhood, no math skills and meager language abilities. Mine was caused by exceptionally severe mercury poisoning (275 times what was then considered toxic), from prescription medicine for my skin. One doctor said I had come within two weeks of death. In 1970, doctors told my father I would be a vegetable the rest of my life.

read more › Release chronic pain, speed healing after an injury, (whether it is feet, ankles, knees, lower/upper back, ribs, athletic injuries), have work-related pain in shoulders back, hands or wrists-Best choice is Ortho-Bionomy session, perhaps with joint mobilization, integrated with mind-body. Very relaxing. Body Mapping and Proprioceptive exercises will give you what you need on your own to improve pain-free movement, and maintain balanced posture. It will help pinpoint which approaches can best restore balance, relieve pain, decrease stress and anxiety, improve coping skills and functioning.

read more › Integration means the integration of all levels in your healing process: body, mind, emotions and spirit. In Integration Massage, the body is the vehicle for increased self-awareness and groundedness. While we relieve pain, stiffness and postural distortions through manual therapy, we also help you integrate your experience of your body with your emotions and thoughts to overcome chronic patterns of dis-ease, and improve the sense of relaxed peace that allows you to cope better with the stresses of life.

read more › Neurological massage requires a mini-neuro assessment. The aim is to develop neuroplasticity, a retraining of your brain and nervous system to adapt in a healthy way to change. Because emotional, cognitive, and bodily systems interact, neuro massage applies focused attention, sensory and movement strategies to balance all systems. In the assessment, the therapist may take an extensive history. Next, she will check for differences between left and right sides for muscle tone/strength, reflexes, pain, numbness, or coordination.

read more › Mind-body and emotional balance may seem like a distant dream to some people. However, it might be closer than you think. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has been well researched and used effectively by over 20,000 patients at a clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. It relieves tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk. At Integration Massage, I encourage body awareness and being present with the feelings that are held by your body, as well as a meditative focus that is grounded, calming and centering.

read more › Acupressure, firm finger-tip pressure, is applied to key points along the Chinese acupuncture meridians. Rosi sometimes does Five Element Pulse Diagnosis to determine where you are out of balance with the five elements of nature, and which meridians will put you back in balance. She can teach you points for self-care. An obituary can be viewed here. This website is being left up to allow people access to Rosi's research, resources and wisdom. Please disreard any remaining invitations to call, email or set appointments.

read more › Body Mapping allows you to awaken your inner sense, called proprioception or kinesthesia, of how you hold your body, where you restrict movement, and where you are unconscious of feeling, compared to your true size, structure and function. I may use a plastic skeleton (Mr. Bones), or illustrations from a book or the internet. I will use touch and give you sensory and movement exercises until you can correct your inner map of the body you inhabit, and regain a sense of who you are physically and in space.

read more › Movement education allows you to experience how your body functions when it is free from restriction. It involves an assessment of the range of motion of your joints, noting where you experience limitation. You then map areas of your body where you may have less sensation and less capacity for movement, perhaps where you have shut out pain signals for some time. A series of exercises will help you move with greater awareness of your true size, structure and function. You will find the posture you hold when you feel the most expanded, free, enthusiastic, full of joy.

read more › This poster came about because a client hadn't been able to do her favorite sports for years. She first wanted me to solve a problem with her knee pain. I did that. Then she mentioned a perception of instability, that made skiing, snowboarding, and inline skating feel unsafe. However, it turned out that her ankle, not her knee, was the culprit. If you ignore a sprained ankle, it doesn't just go away. A moderately sprained ankle from childhood, or from sports or athletic injuries, can become a big problem later.

read more › Parkinson's is known for the shuffling gait, the masked face, the stooped posture, the soft, almost inaudible voice, the slowness of movement, the trembling and rigidity. These motor or movement symptoms are what most people seek treatment for, and they form the basis of the diagnosis. Non-motor symptoms such as loss of the sense of smell, constipation, depression, anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, irritability, and sleep difficulties may appear 20 years or more ahead of the motor symptoms. Aline Newton, a Rolfer with many publications to her credit, has written the best post I've seen on the neuroscience of touch.

read more › It has been hard on all of us. The first four months, I didn't realize I was already infected-an early, unrecognized virus variant. Body-mind training, mental rehearsal and mindfulness have been the rage in elite sports for many years. From Olympic gymnasts, to college football, imagery has helped athletes perfect their performance for decades. But that winning attitude has grown to broader applications. Athletes and non-athletes now use mental imagery to heal from injuries as well. As massage therapists, we treat functional symptoms all the time.

read more › As massage therapists, we treat functional symptoms all the time. Functional symptoms means you may have pain or other complaints, but the doctors can find no cause. Nothing shows up on scans. This can be frustrating to doctors. But for those of us who work with the body, it is normal. We figure out how to resolve your pain or stiffness by getting your body to function better. When you have had whiplash, concussion, trauma or head injury, the brain and nervous system may adapt in ways that make it hard to resume normal life.

read more › Thank you again for amazing work with me last night. I wanted to share some experiences I had during the session. You guided me into feeling everything that was happening in me at that moment and I was able to comprehend the feeling of living fully. The fullness and peace was so delicious and safe. I can't honor you and your gift enough for introducing myself to the depth and joy of life. I agree - asking my body is the best thing to do.sometimes it is difficult to allow myself to access emotional blockages.

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