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Providing massage therapy services in Henderson including: Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, and Hot Stone. Owner and operator of the Purrrfect Touch, is Julie Jaques, LMT. She has a firm commitment to finding the underlying problems each individual suffers from, and her massages have given her a reputation as a leading massage therapist in Las Vegas.

Chronic muscle pain can be relieved by massaging the deepest muscles, tendons and fibers in our therapeutic massage focusing on deep tissue. Highly recommended for rehabilitating injured muscles, reducing stress, and increasing blood flow, you are sure to see the most benefits when massaging the underlying layers of muscles deep below the skin. If you work on your feet, or just have pain between your upper leg and toes, reflexology may be the answer for you.

In contrast to most therapists, she actually listened to my complaints of where my problem was and went right to.

At the Purrrfect Touch Massage Therapy you will receive the purrrfect combination of massage modalities to specifically address the symptoms, pain, and ongoing abuse you subject your body to. Julie will begin by taking a moment to discuss your exact pain, causes of pain, and other treatments you have sought out to get the most effective therapeutic

Julie Jaques is a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner and operator of the Purrrfect Touch Massage Therapy. Her commitment to finding the underlying problem in each individual she massages has given her a reputation as a leading massage therapist in Las Vegas. With an office located centrally in Boulder City, Nevada she offers a variety of massage therapy

Helping alleviate symptoms of pain throughout your body with a therapeutic massage from the Purrrfect Touch may fast track your wellness and recovery. In this effective massage a combination of deep tissue massage therapy, and the release of your body's natural trigger points, help patients experience pain relief. By using a variety of pressures on

Incorporating deep tissue massage into your therapeutic massage will focus the energy of your Purrrfect Touch massage therapist on the deepest layers of muscle tissues, tendons, and surrounding areas. For individuals not accustomed to massage therapy, beginning with the amount of pressure necessary to reach these tissues may cause residual pain and

Reflexology massage therapy is a modality that focuses energy on relaxing the muscles from the upper leg through to the end of the foot. Incorporating portions of therapies such as deep tissue and acupressure into your massage will assist in providing maximum pain relief. When used as part of your therapeutic massage, reflexology may provide a significant

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