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Pamper Us Mobile specializes in 100% mobile Corporate and Residential massage therapy services that can be coupled with our specialty services including onsite private chef meal preparation, candle-making, canvas painting, sushi making, and spirit tasting parties. Mix and match our services to create your one of a kind in-home pamper party in the comfort or home, apartment, Air BNB, or hotel suite.

read more › Pamper Us Mobile is excited to have served and worked with some of Charlottes best businesses across a variety of sectors. Below you will find a great list of some our Top 3 recommended businesses in a vast number of sectors. These are companies that we have worked with for years and we know that you won't be disappointed with their services. I Define ME Fitness, LLC, offers Aerobic Fitness, strength and conditioning classes for all fitness levels. I Define Me Fitness also focuses on your mental health and nutrition which as a major impact on overall health.

read more › Our elite mobile massage club specializes in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly in-home massage therapy services to enhance your wellbeing. Also known as "The Duo Massage" is a specialty massage where two massage therapists work on the client at the same time. The two massage therapists mirror each others' movements in order to provide a more comprehensive massage session. Also known as "The Relaxation Massage" is the perfect massage for first timers and those who are looking for a more relaxing session.

read more › Pain is an issue of the past when you allow our Licensed Massage Therapists to provide you the comfort of pain relief in the comfort of your home. Our elite mobile massage club specializes in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly in-home massage therapy services to enhance your wellbeing. A massage therapy technique that combines Swedish Massage therapy techniques with trigger point head therapy to release pressure in the front and rear of the head. A combination massage technique that is specifically designed for those recovering from strokes, car accidents, or loss of limbs.

read more › Whether you have 6 employees or 600 employees, our Corporate and Event services are here to provide quick relief onsite within a small conference room or cubicle. A seated chair massage is just the luxury you need to reduce stress, increase productivity, and multiply your company bottom line. Maintain a balanced work environment by providing your staff with recurring monthly chair massage therapy services at a discounted rate. Enjoy our one of a kind Corporate Painting services, the perfect workplace self care activity to provoke creativity and relaxation for your employees.

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