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We offer various hair cuts, styles, waxing, nail care and massage services, but our true specialty is creating the look and feel you are sure to love. Great Waves Salon staffs only the highest quality stylists and salon specialists, so you know you are in good hands each and every time you visit our salon. Call 520.886.5261 or email to set your appointment today.

I was born in Nogales, Az and have lived in Tucson for 22 years. I have worked at Great Waves Salon for 19 years an have owned it for 9 years. I have a son who attends the University of Arizona. Go Wildcats! I really enjoy working with people and making sure they receive great customer service. I graduated from Mt. Saint Claire College with a degree in Accounting and I also have my cosmetology license.

I love working at Great Waves because we have the best clients and staff in Tucson. I grew up in Southern California and started doing hair in 1982. I moved to Tucson with my family in 1993, and have been working with Great Waves ever since.

read more › At Great Waves, we offer our clients a large selection of some of the top hair products in the industry. We have an excellent and affordable selection of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and much more! Come in to our salon to see for yourself, or give us a call at 520-886-5261 today to speak to our helpful receptionist! We look forward to serving you!

read more › Last time on the Great Waves Salon blog, we talked about a whopping six crazy, sexy hairstyles that are taking overheads across the nation. They are some seriously great styles from silver hair foxes to going bare, bald, and beautiful. Now, let us say that in the past two weeks since we posted that entry, you went ahead and redid your look and now you are on the prowl to debut your look. That's what we are here for this time, to share with you some of the great events happening in our home city of Tucson, Arizona.

read more › We previously talked about re-inventing yourself with sleek new looks; now we are bringing sexy back to your hair with 6 styles that are a must for 2018! Don't be stuck in the past with the same old hairstyles. Break those chains holding you back and try new things, your hair will thank you later. Change is good, and so is feeling like a new, sexier you. Silver hair has been an ongoing trend that looks absolutely gorgeous. The contrast between the light and dark shades helps to accentuate a deep and mysterious look that people will go crazy for.

read more › I have had some abysmal salon experiences. Like looking in the mirror and questioning if they used safety scissors kind of bad. We have blogged before about the qualities someone needs to work in a salon; today, we'll tell you about the 5 must-have qualities that the best hair salon needs to have. There is a huge gap between an average hair salon and the best hair salon, but unfortunately most cities are littered with average. As we'll show, cutting hair is only one part (although an extremely important one) of what makes a truly exceptional salon experience.

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