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Same day appointments will not be provided, we require at least 24 hours and scheduling is depending on availability. How many times in the past week have you said, "getting older sucks"? It seems as we get older, our ability to bounce back changes. We have aches and pains that we did not used to have, our busy lives build stress and tension, and we become more and more tired and miss out on the activities and events we love!

More often than not, we just accept this as a part of getting older, but it doesn't have to be that way! It is important to have a balanced routine to maintain ourselves so that we can be at our best. What repetitive activities do you do in your daily life? Your body is the vehicle that carries you through your life. Create a well maintenance plan so that you can easily manage the miles you have put on it!

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to take time and unwind the tension and stress, address your body and connect with how you are feeling, encourage blood flow and release built up toxins.

read more › Massage Therapy Fusion was created to help connect passionate independent mobile massage therapists with clients seeking personalized, consistent, and thorough massage treatment as a part of wellness maintenance and/or injury recovery program. Christina McCarty, a single mother a college graduate and published author, and the founder/owner of Massage Therapy Fusion was able to build her private mobile massage therapy practice through dedication and hard work to a level where her schedule was at full capacity.

read more › Are you passionate and dedicated to providing the healing art of massage? Do you feel that your massage work is unique and evolving with practice? Would you like to build towards being independent of an employer, manage your own schedule, and provide therapeutic treatment based on your intuition, knowledge, and connection? Have you ever considered providing travel massage services, in office, home, hotel? Massage Therapy Fusion was designed to assist passionate therapists in building their personal practice by providing client leads, marketing opportunities, and guidance.

read more › Did you know that as a Licensed Massage Therapist you can sign up to receive 40% your essential oils with Young Living? If you are not interested in becoming a member that can build a team but would like to purchase oils for your practice, email Christina to gain access to the I formation on how to sign up as a Pro to receive the 40% off membership!

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