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Dr Ann Brinkley founded Potrero Hill Healing Arts in 1991 to provide the local community with holistic chiropractic health care. In 1982 Dr Brinkley decided to go to chiropractic school after a focused search in college for the right profession to help people heal from chronic musculoskeletal pain. Slated for medical school, she knew something wasn't right about spending 36 hours/shift while learning the art of becoming a medical doctor.

Her father and mother had always gone to a chiropractor and she was quite familiar with the concept of getting regular chiropractic care for your back or joints. She grew up massaging her Dad starting when she was only 5 years old by 'walking on his back'. He had taught her to do this from watching Japanese women while he was stationed in Japan during WWII.

While running one day during college, she tripped on an uprooted sidewalk and had a terrible fall. Dr Brinkley, not only severely sprained her ankle, but twisted and fell on her right hip. Thinking that heat would make her low back feel better, she mistakenly slept with a heating pad that night.

read more › This relaxing healing technique treats the cause of your painful symptoms. It is a method of light touch that helps your body regain its natural ability to heal itself. Pain, muscle tension, misaligned vertebrae and disease disrupts the energy pathways of the body. These blocked energy pathways can be caused by anything from stress and aging, dietary and environmental toxins to emotional and physical trauma. By re-creating proper energy flow, balancing your body's systems, and re-aligning joints, B.E.S.T. adjustments allow harmony back into your body.

read more › Potrero Hill Healing Arts is proud to have two amazing, delightful & experienced Certified Massage Therapists who ready to soothe your aching muscles and loosen up your stiff joints! Massage therapy is a great adjunct to chiropractic. It's not only relaxing and rejuvenating, it is good for your circulatory system, lymph system and helps to open up your heart! Often patients come in for chiropractic and referred to one of our lovely massage therapists. Carey McCray, CMT, is a Bay Area native and is dedicated to the healing arts.

read more › Poor body mechanics are often unconscious everyday movements that can significantly add to chronic painful conditions. These repetitive patterns, for example, while at the computer or watching TV, can become pain free given the proper instruction in how to place your body while working or doing any repetitive task. Adjusting the 'equipment' to fit you, rather than you having to conform to it, will have a significant effect in how you feel at the end of your day. Dr. Brinkley offers an ergonomic consultation to evaluate and correct your body mechanics and equipment in your home or office.

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