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Stephen Shortnacy is a therapeutic massage therapist and wellness instructor in Austin, Texas who specializes in deep tissue, pain relief and postural improvement massages. His clients are those who are striving for life changes to minimize and\or rid themselves of life's pains. Schedule customized chair massages to meet the needs of employees at the office in Austin, TX.

Chair massages focus on relief stress, tension, and pain that can come about from prolong sitting in the office environment. Find out more! Recall three new gratitudes by writing down three new things for which you are grateful for 21 days in a row, three new things each day. Journal about one positive experience you have had over the last 24 hours teaches your brain to re-live these moments.

Meditation helps detach you from multi-tasking and increases your ability to focus on the task at hand. Random Acts of Kindness or conscious acts of kindness by writing one positive email thanking or praising somebody in your social support network.

Would you like pain relief, stress relief, and to live better? For over a decade Stephen Shortnacy has been helping people like you to find more joy in their lives! As an ex-employee of the high-tech industry Stephen understands how prolonged sitting in front of a computer and job stress can lead to chronic pain and muscle dysfunction. As a dancer,

Focused Pain Relief Massage: This is a customized "Fix It" massage to relieve chronic or acute pain by using a variety of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release and deep effulgence. This type of massage is for those with chronic postural pain, decreased range of motion, repetitive use injuries, headaches, stiff neck, shoulder

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