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From corporate executives, professional athletes and weekend warriors alike; Premium Massage Orlando offers high-end massage services, as well as men's precision haircuts consisting of conservative business cuts to trendy on the field or to the office blended fades. Swedish: Known as "Traditional Massage" Consists of long gliding strokes to soften tired muscles and release tension.

This is the most common technique for relaxation. Deep Tissue: A firmer, more concentrated technique that utilizes gradually increasing pressure to relieve tension and discomfort in recurrent problem areas. Deep tissue may be used in both the therapeutic setting and for those who prefer a firmer relaxation massage.

read more › Premium Massage Orlando offers high-end massage treatments and men's haircuts to clients in Orlando and all its surrounding areas in Florida. We also do mobile servicing resort areas, conventions as well as corporate and private offices. Our clientele mostly comprises corporate executives and professional athletes-a testament to the excellence of our services. We accept all major credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover (corporate and personal). We also do adjusted pricing available for corporate accounts.

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