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Massage With Abby Welcome to Massage with Abby, where you can relax and rejuvenate with a customized massage, according to your pressure preference, and the modalities of your best interest of your muscles. Abby does a mix modality of massage applications including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Chinese Cranial Sacral, Energetic Modalities, Orthobionomy, Tuning Fork, Cupping and Foot Reflexology.

All modalities can be mixed during any treatment of time desired. She is very well practiced in multiple modalities and knows just how to apply them for a relaxing healing session for body mind and soul! I always appreciate her unique treatments and recommended her highly for thorough care. N.R. Very kind and effective! Glad to get a massage by a professional who really knows what they are doing and who still remains loving and passionate about their work with her experience!

I have received several massages from different people but none of them compare to the massage with Abby. Abby is the best.

read more › I am a one women show. When you call I may be in an appointment and appointment return phone calls are best resolved in an email or text or a returned call in the morning before work hours or in the mid day between appointments. Leaving a message is important in one way or another. All appointments are by appointment only! On street parking is free and available on both locations. Regent square does not charge for on street parking. Feel free to park anywhere. I am 2 doors down from Square Cafe.

read more › Sunday-Tuesday I am at 1141 S braddock ave. On street parking is free and available on both locations. Regent square does not charge for on street parking. Feel free to park anywhere. I am 2 doors down from Square Cafe. It is handicap accessible and has as awning over the door. If you are concerned about affordability please talk to me we may be able to set up a long term sliding scale fee or barter exchange. You can also pay me via this link if you do not have a credit card or check or cash. No shows and All cancellations must be within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment or 50% of your appointment will be taken at the time of the scheduled appointment.

read more › Want regularity with massage check out my massage membership. If you would like to compare prices on regular prices vs membership price. When you come in for your session. I will have disclaimer and contract for you to sign and the rest will be done on our software. When you want to schedule please call or text me and mention you want to sign up for our 6 month or yearly membership and we will schedule you in for your session with us! Some other perks of having a membership is that there is no charge for cbd, aromatherapy, cupping, and hot stones addition to your regular massage treatment.

read more › All massages are customized to get the result you are looking to achieve. The treatments below are some examples of treatments you can get but ultimately I will work to whatever pressure you and your tissues are comfortable with to get the result you are looking for whether its to drain tissue that has been injured or is swollen from surgery, relaxing your mind and body from a long day, week, month, year. Whether we are re-calibrating your body so it can be strong and adjust to your new physical workout program or lifestyle change.

read more › You can buy this package and share it with your family. It can either be broken up into 3 hours or 2 - 90 minutes. It can either be broken up into 6 hours or 4 - 90 minutes. I wont break it up into 12- 30min or 24- 15 minutes, except for employee wellness days or private parties. This package is recommended for all types of massages and is a $70 savings! The maximum time I can be booked per day is 3-4 hours. It can either be broken up into 10 hours or 6- 90 minutes plus 1 hour. This package is great to continue your regular self care practice.

read more › Each session is around 90 minutes and we will discover together where we hold our patterns and pains. We will focus on that which you want to focus on and I will teach both of you techniques you can use to help one another. I will show you how to hold your body mechanics so you don't get tired or hurt. One will lay down first and I will demonstrate a series of techniques and then you will practice. You will get to experience what it feels like and what its like to give. The packages of classes you will have added value with the resources of me sharing other self care tools you can use for helping yourself and each other when you are not around one another.

read more › I like to combine 1-3 essential oils for your session and give you the rest in a take home roll on. I have different blends I create for pain relief, relaxation, and lymph flow. I am also happy to mix any that you like. My base oil is typically Coconut oil or Jojoba oil. More oils coming available soon! Want to buy your own essential oils check out essential oil partners here. Do you ever build of ear wax or congestion around your ears? This is a great way to gain relief from that stress and headaches that come with ear pressure and build up.

read more › My experience with Andrew is that he truly cares about what your needs are and will work to the session to have a solution to the best of his abilities that you can walk away feeling satisfied and nurtured. He is highly experienced in working and well trained with all levels of your being. He can assist you with tools to keep on course with your intentions in healing. Bonnie is the most effective alternative medicine relief I have encountered. She is great at diagnosing and prescribing chinese herbal medicine care.

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