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New York Orthopedic Massage was established in 2005 with the goal of helping people in pain. Since 2000, Kiambu Dickerson LMT has studied musculoskeletal pain in order to be a more effective practitioner. The NYOM approach incorporates several effective methods of painless bodywork that reverse poor posture, neuromuscular dysfunction and pain in the body.

Complicated cases of chronic pain go away and stay gone within the first sessions. First, Kiambu assesses your posture, gait, active, passive and accessory joint ranges of motion. Next he tests for proper neuromuscular function. Treatment is based on those assessment findings. Kiambu begins with specialized functional neurology techniques (including P-Dtr) to recalibrate your muscles signaling and firing order.

These techniques painlessly resolve chronic muscle spasms (hypertonicity) and restore strength to weak and inhibited muscles. By balancing muscle tension around the joints, the body can finally achieve a state of stability. Pain is usually the result of this same type of muscular imbalance.

read more › Four Pack Attack: Address a chronic issue or gear up for your sport season with a custom designed results based protocol designed to target a main issue or area. 4 hours of Neuro Orthopedic with Kiambu for $600 when paid in advance (save $40). Reverse and Renew Ten Pack: Re-sculpt and re-program deeply ingrained postural habits on a myofascial and neuromuscular level. Achieve weightlessness when muscles are balanced around the joints from the ground up. Reclaim lost energy efficiency by focusing from head to toe on full body integration.

read more › Kiambu Dickerson can feel your pain. Literally. Through his well-trained hands, the massage therapist can find where a body is harboring its hurts and gently persuade the tissue to let down its guard. A practitioner of orthopedic massage, which is both full-body and oriented to specific sites, he recognizes that a disturbance in one area can lead to systemic dysfunction. He can figure out a lot about a person just from massaging their muscles. People often carry around with them old injuries both emotional and physical and they learn to live with them.

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