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We are a San Francisco Bay Area-based, workplace wellness company specializing in chair massage, exercise instruction, and ergonomic coaching as a comprehensive Wellness Program. Our comprehensive Wellness Program - which consists of chair massage, exercise instruction and ergonomic coaching on a regular basis - has helped hundreds of employees learn how to prevent and manage repetitive strain injuries and take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Workers' comp, absenteeism, and low retention cost US companies billions of dollars a year. We are here to address these concerns from the approach that a healthy employee makes a more productive employee.

read more › Touch Wellness delivers health and wellness through chair massage, exercise instruction, and ergonomic coaching. With our signature workplace Wellness Program, we continually strive to provide our customers with a high-level experience of customer service and professionalism. Our sole intention is to empower organizations and their employees on a new path of optimum health, wellness and productivity. To see touch recognized as a primary step on a path leading to an increased awareness of health and well-being.

read more › Touch Wellness was established in 1996 as a workplace wellness consulting company. At that time, chair massage in the workplace was just beginning to gain popularity, all while I was beginning my endeavor to learn what chair massage provided for people. In 1998, I joined the Touch Wellness team. As a vibrant wellness company from the start, we are committed and excited about our work. Our greatest pleasure is to empower people's wellness; to make a difference for the masses, including organizations, businesses and their employees as all discover a steady path toward optimum health and well-being.

read more › We provide an on-going program to give you an opportunity to experience the cumulative effectiveness of improved circulation, through chair massage, exercise instruction, and ergonomic coaching. The Wellness Program's core service consists of a 10 to 15 minute upper body chair massage. The chair massage sequence is designed to leave you relaxed AND rejuvenated, with more energy and focus. We refer to our massage as a type of "passive exercise" that requires no motivation and feels great. A very thorough upper-body massage, desk-bound workers will appreciate attention to smaller muscle groups that are working hard everyday.

read more › Just taking a short break to improve circulation keeps my migraines under control, and keeps my muscles from bunching up when I'm stressed or under deadlines. Having silence in the middle of the workday is a luxury, and allows me moments of meditation and peace. I'm in a better mood when I return to work and I feel recharged and feel full of patience and understanding. The Touch Wellness Team's touch is magic. I have been a client for over 10 years. I am truly addicted to the touch and well-being that I receive each session.

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