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Massage Bliss Massage Bliss provides the best Therapy I have ever had. Thorough understanding of their craft, they provided the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. I see them on a regular basis. Highly professional, at the top of their industry. Simply the best. Danyelle is the most talented therapist I've ever encountered. I've been getting massages for years pretty regularly without ever finding a therapist that even compares to the triple digits that I've tried.

She addresses all of my problem areas and actually manages to fully relieve the chronic back pain I've been experiencing most of my life. She uses a blend of pressure depth that flows blissfully for maximum relaxation and tension release. In fact, it's so relaxing that I've habitually slipped in and out of sleep during the sessions. I've struggled for a year to find a good massage in Las Vegas.

I'm so happy I found Massage Bliss. My appointment was easy to make and my therapist gave me the best massage I've had in years! I'll be using them again for sure.

read more › Massage Bliss has been a trusted source of effective body work and massage therapy for many years. We pride ourselves on providing practical knowledge and helpful recommendations dispensed by a team of professionally trained and certified massage practitioners committed to offering long term relief for a range of physical and psychological ailments. We believe that therapeutic touch, when professionally applied in one of its many established forms, has the power to restore and activate the healing potential present within each individual.

read more › Western massage techniques focus primarily on the body to promote relaxation, improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Massage Bliss techniques include a variety of applications provided by trained and certified massage therapists who carefully assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment. A technique that provides relief for chronic aches and muscle tension that may include the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back and leg muscles. Deep tissue massage releases chronic muscle tension using deep pressure and slow strokes that go into the fascial layers of muscle tissue at the source of an injury.

read more › Massage Bliss massage therapists perform deep tissue massage by concentrating on the deeper layers of the body's soft tissue to release persistent pain and tension patterns. Slow and methodical strokes are applied to the top layers of affected areas in order to penetrate to deeper muscle layers and achieve lasting relief from chronic pain for our Paradise clients. Conditions that require deep tissue massage often derive from work related posture problems, sports injuries, or problems that have developed from ongoing stress and tension resulting in persistent muscle pain that commonly occurs in the neck, lower back, shoulders, arms and legs.

read more › Myofascial release therapy is the release of the connective tissue surrounding the muscle fiber that supports your entire body. When restricted, the connective tissue (known as fascia) can cause significant problems, particularly with posture. Certified Massage Bliss massage therapists apply sustained pressure that allows these connective tissue fibers to loosen and become more flexible, relieving persistent tension that is the frequent cause of chronic pain. Trained Massage Bliss specialists evaluate your posture and offer detailed recommendations for alleviating chronic conditions.

read more › Positional release massage therapy is a specialized technique that treats muscle spasm and chronic pain in the ligaments, tendons and joints through precise manipulation to achieve release and the most optimal level of comfort possible. The process behind positional release techniques involves a neurological aspect that sends a signal to the brain to reduce muscle contraction and relieve chronic muscle spasms that do not respond to other therapeutic procedures. From our fully equipped center, licensed Massage Bliss practitioners locate and assess problem areas on the body and provide treatment by placing the patient in a specific position for up to 90 seconds to achieve release.

read more › Offered by our experienced team of certified massage therapists, Massage Bliss post-natal massage treatments provide a relaxing break for new mothers in additional to many other benefits. Our professionally trained post-natal massage therapists understand the physical demands that a new mother faces and make your comfort and relaxation their top priority. Depending on your individual needs, post-natal massage is most often performed with the recipient positioned comfortably among pillows on her side.

read more › A woman undergoes many physical changes during pregnancy that can lead to physical and emotional stress that can be effectively addressed with therapeutic massage. The weight of a growing baby places significant strain on the back, neck, shoulders, legs and abdominal muscles and many women also struggle with insomnia during pregnancy that only contributes to pregnancy related physical and emotional issues. The experienced massage therapists at Massage Bliss are specially trained to provide professional pre-natal massage as a beneficial method for coping with physical changes and to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

read more › Trained and experienced in an ancient healing art, Massage Bliss reflexology therapists apply precise massage techniques to specific pressure points on the feet or hands as a means of manipulating entire networks of organs, glands and tissue functions of the body. From our fully equipped and inviting location, Massage Bliss reflexology therapists provide detailed consultations and tailor reflexology treatment plans that address your particular requirements. Each specific pressure point identified by reflexology treatments directly corresponds to an area of the body.

read more › Frequently administered prior to and following competition and events, professional Sports Massages are designed to allow our Spring Valley clients achieve peak physical performance by releasing body fatigue, muscle tension and increasing flexibility and coordination. Trained Massage Bliss massage therapists provide professional Sports Massage to help athletes of all kinds prevent injuries and improve performance. Our qualified specialists apply a specific application of massage techniques combined with a range of hydrotherapy and strength training procedures from our fully equipped therapy center.

read more › Qualified Massage Bliss massage therapists serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area, offer Swedish massage, (also known as relaxation massage) that incorporates several therapeutic techniques adapted to your individual needs. From light, to moderate or deep pressure, Swedish massage techniques can be targeted to provide a range of solutions that include recovery from injury, to relaxation and stress reduction. Massage Bliss practitioners use kneading, flowing strokes, stretching and taps that are applied with a deep or light pressure following a thorough assessment of each client's precise needs.

read more › Trigger points in the body, commonly known as "muscle knots" consist of tense and tight areas of muscle tissue that is frequently the source of pain. The source of the pain, however, may actually originate in other parts of the body. A trigger point or 'knot' in the back for example, may cause debilitating pain in the neck area. Qualified Massage Bliss massage therapists are trained and experienced to identify the source of muscle pain and administer treatments to provide lasting relief from chronic pain for our Spring Valley clients.

read more › Eastern massage therapy techniques offer a healing approach that is rooted in energy balancing within the body as opposed to Western therapeutic massage which primarily focuses on the physical source of an ailment. With a long history that has developed over thousands of years, Eastern massage techniques still consider the physical aspects of a condition, but primarily as they relate to the subtle life force energy that moves through the human body. Massage Bliss offers a range of Eastern based massage therapy services to the people of Las Vegas.

read more › Massage Bliss massage therapists in the Spring Valley area perform acupressure massage therapy by applying gentle pressure to precise points on the body. Clients remain fully clothed during the entire session which can last up to one hour. Acupressure balances the body's opposing forces of negative "Yin" and positive "Yang" energy and not only treats the entire body structure, but also seeks to balance the mind and spirit. Although scientific research into the health benefits of acupressure treatments vary, acupressure recipients regularly report significant relief and positive results from a variety of health conditions that range from preventing nausea following chemotherapy treatments in cancer patients, to alleviating chronic depression and anxiety disorders.

read more › Cupping is an ancient technique with roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Delve into age-old healing arts with the cupping massage therapy sessions offered at Massage Bliss. Our registered massage therapists have mastered this ancient practice to stimulate blood flow in your body and calm your nervous system. To learn more about our leading cupping treatments, don't hesitate to drop our staff a line at (702) 994-4514. We look forward to hearing from you. Cupping therapy is a centuries-old Eastern technique used to break up stagnation in the body by drawing blood to the surface of the skin through suction.

read more › The goal of Reiki therapy is to not only treat the symptoms of a condition, but heal it through clearing and balancing the body's energy pathways. Many recipients of Reiki report a higher level of relaxation, reduced anxiety, improved self-esteem and a general sense of well-being with successive treatments. Massage Bliss therapists take the time to properly prepare and explain treatment procedures and provide thorough assessments. Reiki is administered through gentle non-invasive touch with the therapist's hands raised above specific locations on the body.

read more › The word "Shiatsu" translates to "finger pressure" in Japanese. Massage Bliss massage therapists apply light, non-invasive pressure to particular acupuncture points to relieve sore and stiff muscles, loosen tension and improve circulation for our Spring Valley clients. According to Eastern healing philosophies, disease is the result of unbalanced or blocked energy. Shiatsu massage promotes the proper flow of "Qi" (Life force energy) to flow through the body's pathways and facilitate natural healing.

read more › Practiced for centuries and still a daily ritual for many schoolchildren in China today, Tui Na is an effective form of Eastern massage therapy. Tui Na employs a range of application techniques that stimulate each acupressure point and offer numerous benefits for symptoms related to the entire physical network including the body's circulatory, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. When combined with other forms of massage, our therapists provide significant relief from muscular tension and many other ailments.

read more › Developed from yoga and Ayurveda practices that began in ancient temples, Thai massage is a healing art that incorporates dynamic bodywork to heal ailments on both physical and energetic levels. The energetic stretching applications included in Thai massage sessions are geared toward loosening joints and muscles while simultaneously restoring the flow of energy throughout the body. Ancient Eastern healers believed that pain or tension originated from blocked physical energy. When the tension in a muscle is released with massage, healing will occur naturally.

read more › Hot Stone massage therapy treats physical ailments through the application of heat as a complement to various established massage techniques. Massage Bliss's licensed massage therapists incorporate and adapt methods by utilizing hot stones to expand blood vessels and improve the circulation of our Paradise clientele. Smooth flat stones are heated in water or with dry heat and carefully placed on precise areas of the body. Our practitioners gently manipulate the heated stones using gliding strokes with specialized techniques to maximize the therapies effectiveness.

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