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Pilai Therapeutic Thai Massage This wonderful healing is performed by Pilai, a specialist with over 16 years experience as a certified professional, trained in the art of Thai Yoga Massage. Her treatment combines multiple healing techniques to adapt and transform to different persons. Offering a Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga Stretching) is performed in a nice, clean, quiet and peaceful treatment room in west midtown New York city.

The power of Thai Massage or Thai yoga massage which is an ancient healing and knowledge from Thailand more than 2000 years ago, affect to your emotional and physical wellbeing, working along with energy lines by kneading, rocking and pressure includes yoga-like stretching with slow and gentle firm movements that release aching and tension muscles, joints and fascia So this experience of the magic healing will maintain internal balance and connect to body and mind.

I, PILAI, am a bodyworker and art worker who is following the spirit, my passion and my goal. In the beginning, my inspiration was from my anatomy class in art school. It was then in 2000 I began the study of Traditional Thai massage at the Ayurvedic Association of Thailand. Since then I have practiced in various spas along with physical therapists

Experience an unforgettable total makeover of body and spirit with Traditional Thai stretching. My signature treatment, combining multiple healing techniques, will melt away muscle tension, aches & pain, and fatique; as well as, release toxins, improve balance of mind & body, and stimulate blood circulation. This wonderful session is provided in a clean

Due to a back and hip issue, I have received thousands of massages and hundreds of Thai Massages ( even in Thailand ). I was in NYC over the weekend and my back pain flared up so booked a 2 hour appointment with Pilai. She combined a variety of techniques to find the issues and relieve my pain. Pilai is not only well trained but also has great natural

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