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We work on a lot of folks injured from motor vehicle accidents who live in South Eugene and the surrounding areas. Massage is very beneficial in helping heal injuries from whiplash and trauma sustained from sudden impact. Often when we experience a collision there is not only the physical injury, but the mental/emotional trauma as well. Massage, with a caring, knowledgeable therapist assists in the healing of many aspects of the injury.

Your car insurance in almost all cases will pay for you massage therapy as long as it's not been over a year since the accident. Being located in South Eugene makes it convient so you can get your care and then go home where you are able to rest properly. Crest Massage Center has been helping relieve the discomforts, aches and pains of pregnant women for more than two decades.

We have a great tool for assisting expectant moms, an electric lift prenatal table! This table allows mothers to be, the comfort of laying face down with belly and breast recesses.

read more › Marlene Varady - License #1971 has been licensed since 1985 and has her own style of deep vigorous massage and stretching, also using lineaments, aroma therapy oils and Hot Stones. Marlene started the Crest Massage Center about 33 years ago. As a young child she had interest in touching and helping people feel better, and started with massaging her grandmothers hands and feet. She has been touching people ever since. Currently she is seeing only a couple of people a day. Richard Wohlberg - License #4121 is the co-owner of Crest Massage Center, and has been a licensed massage therapist in Eugene since 1989, about 29 years.

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