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I am a Nebraska native with over 11 years and 10k hours of massage experience. After graduating from the Omaha School of Massage, I have continued my massage education in prenatal massage, hot stones, reflexology, the Kent Method for head and neck pain triggers, and more. After being an employee for 10 years, in 2017 I chose to open my own massage business.

And I LOVE IT! Running a business for the first time, it feels like I'm constantly learning something new. Working with clients has always been rewarding, but now I have the freedom to explore techniques and product to help people even more. My favorite massage style is the long and slow massage. A good firm pressure with long gliding strokes at a soothing pace.

I try to use smooth transitions from one area to another to keep my clients in the relaxed zone. The music, the lighting, and the rhythm of the touch, all feeds into a general sense of ease and calm. And I love helping people into that zone.

read more › To accommodate your growing baby and belly, the prenatal massage uses pillows to support you in a side-lying position during the entirety of the massage. Enjoy 60 minutes of hands on time, with concentration on certain areas and/or a full body massage. Deep tissue, relaxation, or somewhere in the middle amounts of pressure are available for a customized experience. Long, slow techniques help to soothe the body and the mind. 90 minutes is a wonderful amount of time to address any areas of pain and stiffness as well as including a full body massage.

read more › Parking is available in any space marked Modern Work Suites. There are two rows of parking in front of the building and several rows in the back lot. Spots along the side of the building are also available to you as a visitor to the building. Enter under the Modern Work sign and follow the signs to the elevator. There is a small waiting room to the right of the elevator, just at the top of the big stairs, where you can wait until it's time for your appointment. There is no receptionist, but feel free to send a text to let me know that you have arrived.

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