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My name is Abby Mayer and I am the owner and sole licensed massage therapist at Mosaic Massage. In my practice I believe that people are more than a collection of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. As such, my work is primarily aimed to address stress and anxiety reduction, as well as manage chronic pain. While my practice is open to everyone, I particularly enjoy working with women during stressful transitions in their lives.

Massage can be a great way to regulate your nervous system and address the physical and emotional facets of wellbeing, allowing you to show up fully and live a balanced life. I offer a combination of Swedish massage, deep pressure, and trigger point therapy. I also incorporate Thai massage techniques into my sessions to help increase your range of motion and disrupt poor postural habits.

I make a point to work slowly and intentionally to help build trust and encourage deep relaxation. I also offer soft lighting and music, calming aromatherapy, and several forms of heat therapy - a weighted hot pack, heated table, and hot towels - all of which are complimentary.

read more › Swedish massage uses firm, but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension, and increase circulation. You can expect long fluid strokes, kneading, passive joint mobilization, and stretching to be used in this modality. This is a great option if you are new to massage, are sensitive to pressure, or you are simply looking for overall relaxation and stress relief. Typically light to moderate pressure is used. This is an integrated massage that combines all of the techniques I am versed in.

read more › LEEF Organics is a well respected CBD producer whose hemp is grown outdoors in the sunny hills of Northern California. Their products are all whole-plant, cold-pressed CBD extracts that maintain the integrity of the plant, making all of its nutrients bio-available and easy for your body to absorb. Think eating an orange, as opposed to taking a Vitamin C supplement. They offer up to date, third-party testing that is readily available on their website and combine their CBD extracts with other organic ingredients for a synergistic healing effect.

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