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Therapeutic Massage By James If you are looking to better your health, rejuvenate your muscles and experience all of the physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy including: stress relief, relaxation, improved circulation, and flexibility - you have come to the right place. A therapeutic massage with James Truitt, LMT is a tailored and centered focus on your individual health needs and muscle structure.

Regular massage therapy is an excellent method for combating the effects of stress on the body and enhancing one's health, but finding the right fit for your massage maintenance is as important as your physician. Choose someone who is focused on helping you achieve your optimum health.

read more › Everyone has a busy schedule and most need massage therapy before or after business hours, we get that - so you can find pleasure in knowing that James does not stick to a 9-5 schedule. Your schedule and time is precious; as is your health. Be sure to dedicate time for rejuvenation (massage/yoga/heat exercises) each and every week, no matter how active you are, or if you are dealing with a particular injury or health issue. A relaxing massage with long, flowing strokes to help create a relaxed meditative state that is sure to melt away any stress you might be experiencing.

read more › James is a graduate of Bonita Springs School of Massage and became a Licensed Massage Therapist because of his strong passion to help others achieve an optimal state of wellbeing. The everyday stresses that we experience will inevitably weigh us down, causing both our mind and body to become unbalanced, run down, and in many cases - stiff or in pain. It is through James's training, experience, and the vast difference in health structures and needs of his clients, that he has successfully learned how to use his hands as therapeutic tools.

read more › Your employees good health is a key factor in the success and operations of your business. Whether or not you cover your employee base with health insurance, massage therapy is often not included in the average health plan. Although this is changing year after year, a way to ensure your employees are productive, happy and healthy is to treat them with a chair massage during the work day! Employees are often in a standard sitting position for hours on end. This has led to a number of health issues over the years for millions of Americans.

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