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Hi! I'm Gina Caldwell- a licensed massage therapist and business owner delivering mobile massage to homes in Las Vegas. I'm Board Certified in Massage and Bodywork with an Associate's Degree in Occupational Studies, and specialize in head, neck, and shoulder massage. I've been massaging since 2010, where I learned both Eastern and Western theories in massage at the Swedish Institute in NYC.

I am trained in Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports, Pre-natal and Geriatric massage. Many of my clients deal with pain from conditions such as TMJ syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and migraines. These conditions are often caused or exacerbated by working at a desk or a computer for extended periods of time, adding unnecessary strain on neck and shoulder muscles.

read more › Different clients have different goals, whether it be for pain relief while recovering from surgery, or for relaxation after a super stressful week at work. It is important to establish goals and priorities in each session, so that you can have the best quality massage and reap the most benefits. Your body is constantly changing depending on your activity level, health and environment. You don't know what aches and pains you may have tomorrow, or if a minor injury will suddenly become the nagging focus of your week.

read more › I will just need a clear space for the table. I will have my own linens, music, lotion and essential oils for aromatherapy (optional). I am animal-friendly and will kindly greet your Fido or Fluffy, Remind your roommates or loved ones that you are about to get a massage, to limit disruptions during your service. Most of my clients schedule on a monthly basis, as this seems to be the ideal amount of time between sessions for regular maintenance and stress/pain management. When the pain is more chronic, weekly or biweekly sessions are a great option.

read more › NCBTMB Certificants shall act in a manner that justifies public trust and confidence, enhances the reputation of the profession, and safeguards the interest of individual clients. X. Respect the client's right to treatment with informed and voluntary consent. The certified practitioner will obtain and record the informed consent of the client, or client's advocate, before providing treatment. Respect the client's boundaries with regard to privacy, disclosure, exposure, emotional expression, beliefs and the client's reasonable expectations of professional behavior.

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