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Conveniently located in the Northwest Corner of Preston Royal Shopping Center, Preston Royal Massage Studio has been providing convenient and effective massage therapy in the prestigious Preston Hollow area of Dallas, Texas since 1995. As a massage therapist in Dallas Texas, my interest and education have been mainly in deep tissue and orthopedic massage techniques.

My clients tend to be people who require more than stress-relief massage. They are usually very physically active and like to take personal responsibility in maintaining their own health. Whether we are working to try to resolve a specific issue, or just focusing on overall relaxation, a typical client who comes to see me usually prefers a deep tissue massage - often requiring a lot of pressure.

Although, a comfortable and relaxing environment is an important part of the massage therapy session, my focus is on the actual massage rather than on the Spa experience. For more information about services and prices at Preston Royal Massage Studio, please check out the Services Menu.

read more › The blended massage is a combination of deep tissue and orthopedic massage techniques customized to the individual needs of each client. If you are someone who suffers from lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension and/or headaches, the blended massage can help you find relief. Sitting at the computer for hours, bad posture, overdoing it at the gym, the constant stress of the day - all these factors contribute to muscular pain and tension. Addressing the muscles at the root of the problem along with using the right blend of massage techniques and the right level of pressure, can help you achieve a relaxed pain-free back, neck and shoulders; as well as fewer headaches.

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