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Body Truing Massage Therapy True: /troo/ (verb), to make level, square, balanced, or concentric: bring or restore to a desired mechanical accuracy or alignment. Need a tune up? Make an appointment with a body mechanic and learn how therapeutic massage and Pilates can help!. Marly Shaffer, owner of Body Truing Massage & Movement, provides the muscle maintenance your body needs to function at its highest potential.

The mission of Body Truing Massage & Movement is to effectively treat active individuals and athletes utilizing therapeutic massage, and the Pilates Method in order to aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, improve athletic performance, and to eliminate pain. Just as a bicycle wheel needs to be aligned, or trued, after wear and tear on the road or trail, so does the human body.

Marly considers herself a body mechanic; working to bring alignment and balance to the human structure. The end result is realizing the vast abilities of your most healthy, pain-free body.

read more › My name is Marly, owner and operator of Body Truing Massage + Movement. I prefer not to speak about myself in the third person, and as this is a one woman show, you'll be hearing from me directly; when you call to schedule, as you read the information below. And this is Fiona, office manager and official greeter. Fiona was born in Colorado most likely in 2015. She was in foster care for 5 months awaiting the right person. Fiona has a heart condition common in large breed dogs, which made it hard for her to find a furever home.

read more › Our physical bodies hold a record of our life experiences, both physical and emotional; the conscious and subconscious history of ourselves. Therapeutic massage can relieve pain, improve function, and help integrate our life experiences into a more balanced body. My intention, as a touch therapist is to educate my clients about the human body - what we are made of, and how to care for and maintain this amazing vessel that carries us through life, and to help the body find its way out of dysfunction and realize our individual physical potential free from pain.

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