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Thrive Massage & Wellness At Thrive Massage & Wellness, a 60-minute massage really lasts 60-minutes so you get the full benefit. Boost your immunity with pristine and private infrared light saunas. Float on the sound table to soothe your senses and relieve anxiety. Reboot your health with acupuncture sessions. Balance your energy with Reiki. Our small size, single location, and local family ownership allow us to offer a level of personal service you thought was a thing of the past.

If you're looking for overall relaxation and gentle full body rejuvenation ask for a Swedish or Geriatric massage. If you have an acute or chronic injury, deep knots, or painful range of motion issues, ask for a custom therapeutic massage, deep tissue-trigger point, TMJ massage or sports massage. We also offer specialty massages including Lomi Lomi Hawaiian, Reflexology, and Chiropractic style stretching to improve your range of motion.

Grow your practice in a professional environment with by-appointment room rentals, continuing education and a supportive community.

read more › Susan Rieser believes so much in massage as a necessary part of life that she devoted herself to studying it-even though she never planned to practice massage herself. Instead, after years in the marketing industry, she turned her passion into Thrive Massage & Wellness in Columbus, Ohio. We hope it will become your favorite place on the path to personal wellness.

read more › Thrive enhances your health with a wide range of practices, including hot stone massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue, cranial sacral, and Reiki. We're Central Ohio's first spa with infrared light therapy for weight loss, detox, pain relief, heart health, skin purification, and relaxation. Looking for wellness extras like hot stone massage, aromatherapy or a chance to try a sound therapy with Vibroacoustic Table Session? You've come to the right place.

read more › We're Central Ohio's first spa with full-spectrum infrared light therapy. Build immunity, burn calories, detox your cells, increase prouction of HGH (human growth hormone), and get a big mood lift. Book a series of infrared sauna sessions and enjoy this ultimate health hack! Thrive Massage & Wellness is Central Ohio's first spa with health-empowering, full spectrum infrared spas for immunity building, deep cellular detox, pain relief, heart health, and anti-aging. Unlike hot rocks or steam used in traditional saunas, spas at Thrive heat the body directly instead of simply heating the air.

read more › Enjoy an hour on the sound table and bathe your nervous system in relaxing waves of vibration. Studies show that Vibroacoustic Therapy can increase alpha brainwave production and ease pain symptoms. Feels like you're floating on a raft. Only $30 a session. Select a Native American Drum Beat to alleviate anxiety, or a Solfeggio Scale to cleanse and balance your Chakras. Become a member today for reduced rates, special offers and exclusive perks all year long!

read more › Infrared Saunas, Sound Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage extras like Cupping, Cranial Sacral, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Salt or Sugar Scrubs. Try aromatheraphy for an extra dose of goodness that fills your senses with well-being. Some of the many health benefits of essential oil diffusion and topical applications include the ability to improve mood, reduce pain and promote a restful night's sleep. An exfoliating sugar scrub can smooth your skin, improve circulation, enrich your muscles with healing oxygen, and move toxins out of your body.

read more › Starts with an Infrared Sauna for two at Thrive then you are off to the Wyandotte Winery to enjoy the evening! Share a sauna, then enjoy 2 individual 60-minute Therapeutic Massages in the Thrive the Zen Zone with your BFF or SO. Visit our infrared saunas as often as you like for 30 days, up to an hour a day, for just $300!

read more › Members can share their membership and continue to enjoy savings on services as long as their draw is active. Add a warm-up in a private infrared sauna or follow it with a custom sound table session for the best massage experience EVER! Your membership rates can be shared with your family and friends when you bring a guest to the spa. Members get special discounts on locally made personal care items, Thrive Soaking Salts, Essential Oil Roller Balls, Ohio Tea blends, and Jewelry. A membership agreement includes a monthly draw for a massage and can include infrared sauna or sound sessions.

read more › Thrive offers wellness practitioners a unique opportunity to join our community with a professional space to practice, teach and grow. Book only what you need, when you need it. A savvy way to launch and dramatically reduce your overhead. We're looking for a wide range of healers, including specialists in: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity, Orthobiotomy, Herbal Medicine, Life Coaching, Nutrition, and Fitness.

read more › As a member, you will receive monthly discounts on services. Also, your membership rates can be shared with your friends when you bring a guest to the spa. We set up a monthly draw for 12 months for the massage service of your choice. Visit our Membership page to learn more or go to our Members Appointment page to get started. Some of our therapists work in other medical settings and are required to follow client and therapist mask protocols please call us at 614.473.1000 if you have specific mask requirements so we can ensure your preferences are honored.

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