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Massage is not just a luxury but a necessity for many clients. My goal is to help by alleviating pain from stress, chronic medical conditions and many other physical and emotional issues. There are many benefits of massage including lowering blood pressure, eliminating metabolic waste, relaxing abdominal muscles, tension relief, stimulation of liver and kidneys, relaxation or stimulation of muscles, reduction of fibrosis and adhesions in muscles and tissue and increase of lymph circulation.

But beyond all these health benefits, the best part is. Various duties in the medical field including surgery scheduling for general, vascular and neurosurgical patients.

read more › This massage is an excellent massage for clients who have a variety of post surgical issues or a client who wants to focus on a specific medical issue such as knee, neck, and back problem, Etc. Clients should have a release for massage from there physician before any massage after there surgery. This type of massage can include a variety of different massage techniques such as deep tissue, Swedish, and some lymphatic massage.

read more › Chair massage is a great, discrete massage for company's or corporations who would like to "treat" there employees with a 10-20 minute "time out"! The purpose of this massage is to relax the client and relieve there everyday stress. The client does not disrobe and usually no oils or lotions are used. Chair massage is also great for the client who has never experienced massage, and can introduce them slowly into a one hour full body massage.

read more › Kris has been our family therapist for 10 years now. The regular treatments help keep my muscles relaxed and soothed. I have muscular dystrophy and Kris uses the right amount of pressure to be effective without hurting. She is knowledgeable and sensitive and I always feel great after my massage! I highly recommend Kristine for massage therapy. I have been receiving massage therapy for years because of my back and she has the best technique of any therapist I have used. I have been using Kristine for the past five months, two times a week, Kristine is very good!

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