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Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage, founded in 1994 by Ruth Zimmerman Cummings, is a professional massage office located in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is Ruth Cummings. Thanks for visiting my website about Massage in Albuquerque. I've tried to answer as many questions about massage as I can on this website, but you are welcome to email me or call/text me (505-332-9292) with any questions you may have or with appointment requests.

My specialty is Sports Massage, but I enjoy helping athletes and non-athletes of all ages with massage and stretching. You can come in with an injury, just to relax or relieve stress, to relieve pain, or for preventative maintenance during your daily life or during specific athletic training. My goal is to be a partner in your daily journey for an active, healthy and balanced life with massage therapy and stretching.

The plan I suggest is to come in for an initial massage appointment, then we can make a plan to get you back to what you like to do.

read more › Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage is a premier professional massage therapy office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, founded by me, Ruth Z Cummings in 1994. I massage all ages, from the unborn breeched baby to our most wise and precious bundles of joy who are over 100 years old, and every age in between. I started my massage business by myself in a small office in a 12 x 12 room on a major road here in Albuquerque. Eventually, Athletic Touch grew into bigger spaces and up to 100 employees over the years.

read more › Ruth Z. Cummings started Athletic Touch in 1994, in a small 12 by 12 room on San Mateo Blvd, here in Albuquerque, after graduating from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. After being in business for over 25 years, she has worked on thousands of clients and has 50,000+ hours of experience doing all types of massage. She loves to teach and improve athletic or musical performance through every form of Massage, Sports Massage, stretching and breath work. She tends to work with marathon runners in training, football players, UFC Fighters and golfers of all levels.

read more › I have worked hard through the years to develop this massage website, so I hope it's easy for you to navigate and find what you need. If you have any comments or suggestions for this website I'd be happy to hear them. My experience helps me help you. I have many hours of experience on many different ailments-both those I have myself and those I have worked on for my clients. Through the years working for Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage, I have worked with many incredible therapists, and we still refer clients to each other.

read more › Massage is the gentle rubbing, pressing & kneading of the skin, connective tissues and muscles with oil or lotion on the skin. Massage is very relaxing. It can heal many ailments without medication or anything fancy. The powerful healing of touch is something massage therapists have the honor of witnessing each day with massage. One form of massage therapy that is very relaxing is "Relaxation Massage". Relaxation Massage is the best massage style to try for someone who has not had a massage before.

read more › Sports Massage is a combinations of several styles of massage, like deep tissue massage with stretches and myo-facial release with focus on specific areas, usually having to do with the overused areas for your particular sport or activity. The effects of massage are cumulative, and you will find longer lasting benefits from consistent Sports Massage sessions. Research shows that Sports Massage helps injured and overused muscles heal 50% faster than rest alone. There are also cases that support how sports massage can help improve cardiovascular performance as well as increase the amount of oxygen an athlete can breathe in.

read more › Sports Massage is a type massage therapy that is very similar to a deep tissue massage with specific work on problem areas for athletes and weekend warriors. There are many "modalities" or "types" of massage therapy theses days, and Sports Massage is also a term to help categorize who a massage therapist works on and which massage therapist a new client will search for. The benefits of massage are still present in all massage modalities, just different "benefits" are noticed after certain massage styles.

read more › Massage for Runners can help improve a runner's stride length, breath intake, arm efficiency, balanced gait, and can heal running injuries 50% faster than rest alone. It seems like massage was created just for runners! Once bad habits are learned in life or created from an existing injury, postural problems occur and injuries start piling up. Massage can help a runner recover from injury and can prevent future injuries with regular massage treatments. Runner's Massage is a Sports Massage with very specific massage techniques on areas that are common problem areas for any runner.

read more › Deep Tissue Massage is an excellent form of massage therapy for athletes, relieving chronic pain or headaches, and recovering after surgery or injury. There are several studies showing that Deep Tissue Massage helps athletes heal from injury or soreness 50% FASTER than rest alone! That is awesome! The effectiveness of "Deep Pressure" on muscles is great, but only with the right amount of pressure. Too much pressure can bruise the muscles and send you away with more pain to heal from than what you started with.

read more › Massage is well known for relieving pain. Therapeutic Massage is also well known for its success in helping people rehabilitate after surgery, from chronic pain or from recent injury. Since Massage can bring relief from pain without using medicine, it is a choice I wish people would choose more often, and wish they would choose before trying other harsher forms of treatment. Chronic pain is hard to live with, and often there is little hope given to people with nagging pain besides pill popping.

read more › Therapeutic Massage is the rubbing, compression, friction & kneading of the connective tissues and muscles with oil or lotion on the skin. Recent studies now show the many positive effects massage has on our health. Here at Athletic Touch I utilize a variety of techniques including Neuromuscular therapy, Trigger Point, Orthopedic Massage, and Myofascial therapies to provide a deep and lasting relief for your muscular problems. Since treatments are carried out within each patient's tolerance they generally feel relieving and comfortable.

read more › Massage therapy is an effective treatment for whiplash and other injuries from a car accident. Gentle, and non-invasive massage pressure helps treat your injuries by reducing inflammation, muslce spasms and relieving your pain. Even a minor fender-bender can cause big issues like headaches, neck pain or insomnia, which massage therapy can treat. The massage treatments are very gentle at first, until your body has created the scar tissue necessary for natural healing. As your pain decreases and other symptoms subside, the massage pressure can increase.

read more › Our face holds stress in the muscles and tissues, which is easy to ignore or take for granted. It's easy to smile too much and have sore cheeks, or squint and have a sore forehead. A facial massage is a gentle, therapeutic massage focused just on the muscles of the face, head, neck and shoulders. This specialized massage for these overused face muscles can loosen all that tension and provide deep relaxation. On clean skin, which you clean prior to the facial massage (which is one of the differences between a facial and a facial massage), a facial massage uses hypo-allergenic oil or no oil at all on the skin.

read more › Soccer is a rough sport and soccer players are some of the toughest, yet stoic and stubborn athletes out there! Sometimes it's a guessing game to know if a soccer player is hurting, because they won't say anything out loud. Massage for Soccer is a Sports Massage using specific techniques to support the bruises and injuries of soccer players. The normal soccer game includes bruises on the ankles, shins, feet and hips, and this is business as usual for any player. These bruises can start to layer and become serious problems.

read more › The Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage for Golfers treatment concentrates on relaxing and healing all the muscles involved in the golf swing. The goal of this session is to loosen the back, hamstrings, hip flexors, shoulders, forearms and wrists to create a bigger shoulder turn, better hip & back flexibility, more powerful torque and a higher finish. If you need some support with your tightness or flexibility in your golf game, give me a call. Golfer's Massage is a Sports Massage with very specific massage techniques on areas that are common problem areas for any golfer.

read more › It's not your fault! We are taught to ignore the pain in our body so we can "finish the big project" or "do our best in a game/race". Life gets in the way of paying attention to our own "body language". Eventually, our body gets "FULL" of all the garbage we "SWEEP UNDER THE RUG" or "STUFF DEEP INSIDE". This is where Body-Mind Coaching can help clean up the garbage and let your life flow easily again! A combination of honest self-awareness, a willingness to try new ideas, and the courage to face what your body is hiding can open up powerful possibilities for you.

read more › At Athletic Touch, I use a combination of over 20 massage modalities (or styles), and if you are unsure of what is best for you, don't worry, I will be able to tell what you need once you describe your situation. Together, we can decide what will work best for you and which massage modalities to add more of and which ones not to use. For simplicity, I charge by the time and not by the treatment type. Even for a Relaxation Massage I tend to use some deep pressure techniques, and relaxation techniques for Deep Tissue Massage.

read more › I had a leg muscle that was giving me big problems right before I was getting ready to run a 7 hour race, and I was desperate. I scheduled a panic appointment with Ruth at Athletic Touch and an hour later, my leg was perfect! Not only was the massage expertly targeted, but she also gave me tecniques to run and cycle without aggravating the problem muscle and taught me stretches to help prevent injuring it again. I ran the entire race (7 1/2 hours of it) without any recurrence; even after the race, my leg was fine!

read more › Because Ruth gets results. I have had 60,000+ hours & 25+ years of experience, not months. My business was started in Albuquerque by word of mouth advertising only, before websites were around. Or cell phones! If you have a nagging issue, stick with your massage therapist 1/week until the issue is resolved, then make a commitment for 1 massage per month. If you ARE modest, keep your underwear on and maybe even wear comfortable shorts & a sports bra. There are times I need to check in to see how you are, if you are experiencing pain or not, or whether you have referring pain.

read more › When you come to Athletic Touch Therapeutic Massage for your first massage, I hope to create a welcoming home for you to feel comfortable & safe in so that your first massage can be relaxing and effective. The first time to the office can be tricky to find it, since it is tucked away and very private. Call or text if you need help. Make it easy on yourself after your massage by wearing comfortable clothes to your appointment. You also get to choose what to leave on, so keep your comfort level in mind.

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