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I have dedicated my massage practice and, in truth, my life to growth, knowledge, honesty, passion, and love. My experiences have allowed me to help my own pain, and given me the clarity to better help my clients. 1970 - I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Nine years old and in isolation. I spent about four months hospitalized in ICU, scared and paralyzed starting from the toes to just below my lungs, all of this happening to me in about two weeks time.

I was afraid to die and hated to be a burden to my parents. To be able to move, and not hurt was, and still can be very tough for me. 1979 - While clearing dry deadwood from my Grandpa's woods, my brother was throwing me a section of log, to then be thrown to the wood splitter. My brother and I were trying to make some summer money selling firewood.

When a log hit me in the right side of my head, (to find out 30 years later) BROKE my neck! Never did get any medical care, I was okay, and (YOUNG) Mother and Dad would really be upset with the great big medical expense to a hospital.

read more › Massage work designed to relieve pain and reeducate muscle memory. Not your typical massage session. This work has specific medical intent to change body distortions and create balance and function. This technique is a more aggressive approach to releasing muscle spasms, releasing core muscles that support the body. Deep pressure is applied to Trigger Points that have several effects on the muscle. Overall this type of work is more therapeutic than relaxing, however it should never be truly painful.

read more › Q: Will I be completely naked? A: You will be covered at all times except the body part that is being worked and then you will be draped with a sheet and blanket. Your comfort is THE most important thing. I will NEVER do anything that you're not completely comfortable with. Q: What if I choose to leave on under garments? A: I never touch areas of the body that you're not comfortable with me working, however there are techniques that will allow me to work while covered or with under garments on.

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