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We offer experienced massage therapy that is both intuitive and effective and fully catered to your specific needs. Whether you are coming in for help recovering from an injury, for relaxation or for a prenatal massage, each massage is catered to your personal needs at the given moment. The time that you are on the table is time for yourself, to heal, relax and recover.

read more › Prenatal massage is so rewarding. A woman's body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and massage therapy can help ease the pain and muscle tension caused by the extra weight of carrying a baby. With a prenatal massage at Bloom, you will be able to leave the tensions of pregnancy at the door during your hour long massage. We have been given the opportunity to massage many women during their pregnancies and really love it! We understand that your body will be going through different phases of aches and pains during your pregnancy and know that massage therapy can provide relief.

read more › Abdominal massage, also known as visceral manipulation, is used to help restore the circulation, health and general well being of the visceral organs and pelvic bowl. Visceral massage can be useful at different stages of life and, for women especially, it can be helpful to reduce pelvic pain and enhance fertility. We recommend a minimum of 6 massages over a period of 3 - 6 weeks. We prefer 90 minute sessions to give us time to bring circulation to the pelvic organs and loosen any constrictions we may find.

read more › Manual lymphatic massage is a subtle and relaxing technique used to increase the movement of the lymph and interstitial fluid. Using the Vodder technique, manual lymphatic drainage massage is very gentle and is used to increase the movement of lymph and insterstitial fluid. Our lymphatic systems can become overtaxed due to a variety of different causes and edema may develop. The purpose of lymphatic massage is to reduce edema by assisting the lymphatic system in circulating lymph fluid throughout the body or past areas where lymph nodes may be compromised due to lymph node removal, scar tissue or radiation.

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