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Legato Bodywork & Massage Similar to deep tissue massage, Structural massage isn't the familiar "rub where it hurts" approach. This modality addresses the entire body by finding where compensation and restrictions are happening. Function is restored by releasing these restricted and bound areas which allows the body to move in novel ways, strengthening underused muscles, and transferring the burden from overworked, painful muscles, to the rest of the body - restoring balance and proper alignment.

Tailored to meet your goals and expectations, it's possible for bodywork to feel good and be highly effective at eliminating your pain. Not just about pain relief, our therapy gets to the root of your discomfort. Utilizing techniques to promote the health and equilibrium of the connective tissue and muscular systems, you'll be left feeling freer and energized as your body becomes better balanced and aligned.

Whether it be for an event or for your office, chair massage is a great way to conveniently bring the value of therapeutic touch to your clients or customers.

Jeremy is one of the most passionate, present, and phenomenal bodyworkers I've ever worked with. He approaches his work with such care and sensitivity that I always leave our session feeling so much better than when I arrived, and I am always AMAZED at how well he is able to relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders. When we started the session I

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