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Our expert Massage Therapist has years of experience helping clients find healing and relaxation through various forms of massage. Massage therapy has many benefits for holistic health. It has been shown to be beneficial for stress relief, lowering blood pressure and can even help with injury recovery. Think of massage therapy as a way to help keep your body tuned up, moving correctly and functioning properly.

Research has shown that massage is beneficial for a list of conditions such as: Migraines, sports injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, restless legs, circulatory problems, arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, back pain, musculo-skeletal issues and much more. Massage helps increase circulation by encouraging blood flow, revitalizing tissue by bringing in new oxygen rich blood.

The benefits include more complete recovery from injuries, helps with recovery from disease and aids in the elimination of toxic waste build up in the tissues. Our skilled massage therapists main goal is to help your body along its path of self healing.

read more › My name is Lisa Monroe. I was born in Minot, North Dakota and spent my time traveling the world for the first 28 years of life. Born a military brat and later a military wife. At the age of 7 I discovered I had a knack for easing physical pain in other people. Headaches were my first focus in the line of healing. I was 28 when I finished school for massage therapy. Since then I have worked in Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. My focus in my work pertains to mostly reducing or eliminating chronic and acute pain.

read more › There are several types of massage therapy services available. Learn more about our different services and rates here. If you don't know exactly what you need, our skilled massage therapist will help you find the service that best suits your unique requirements. Swedish Massage is a great place to start if you have never had massage therapy. Known for it's long, flowing movements Swedish is considered to be a top option for over all stress relief and relaxation. Not only does your body get a chance to relax, but your mind does as well.

read more › So many people today are experiencing restless leg syndrome that we decided to help folks understand the benefits that massage has to offer. Relief could be as close as a few massage sessions! Many clients have noted fewer episodes and less discomfort, learn more! With so many people experiencing the symptoms of restless legs, doctors often prescribe medications which offer varying degrees of relief. Maybe you are even on some of that medication? If so that is perfectly alright. Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS is a neurological condition which causes a sense of discomfort, pain or a feeling like you need to move your legs.

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