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Our purpose at Drift and Dream is to love, laugh, and play as we offer healing methods that produce astounding results in a sanctuary of peace and beauty. We want to deprive you of stress and pain by offering a menu of services and products that are proven to rejuvenate, restore and relax. Enjoy an hour of floatation. We are one of two facilities in all of North Carolina that have a float tank.

Relax in our healing infra red sauna or choose from five types of massage therapies. Detox while you sleep with the takara foot patch from Japan. Heal and renew your body by releasing your own adult stem cells by taking the supplement stem enhance. Let us design a custom "self care" program focused on your individual needs.

Imagine floating in 10 inches of Epsom Salt Saturated water that allows you to remain buoyant effortlessly. The tank is dark and the water is heated to match your skin temperature making it impossible to distinguish where your body ends and the water begins. A massive amount of brain power is used every second in order to deal with the huge strain that

I had tried everything to get rid of a mysterious skin rash that would cover my face and neck. It would last a few weeks and then dissappear only to return when I least expected. The doctors I went to had no idea what it was and all their medications made no difference. After five sessions in the Infa Red Sauna the rash cleared up and has never returned

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