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Stress Recess can provide chair massage service for your event or program anywhere in the USA, Hawaii, and Eastern Canada. Even next day service at many of our Chair Massage Team Leader Centers! All our therapists are certified, insured and trained to makes sure your guests leave satisfied. Put the special back into your special events with acrobats, hula-hooping, fire breathing, magicians, you name it, we can get it.

Ask about our double your money back reliability guarantee for chair massage events and trade-shows. Our Atlanta therapists will be happy to come to your home for table or chair massage out-calls. We have been providing event services for promotions, trade-shows, conventions and meetings since 1996, so we know what you need to make your event memorable.

Stress Recess has been the leader in corporate chair massage and wellness services since 1996, helping companies like Delta, IBM and Coke with their workplace wellness programs and corporate event needs. So, if you are looking for a national vendor you can trust, choose Stress Recess for your wellness and event services.

read more › Founded in 1996, Stress Recess is one of the oldest and largest national providers of corporate chair massage and wellness services. In 2001, Stress Recess became the first chair massage company to "go national", delivering massage over a holiday weekend to beleaguered Delta Airlines agents in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Dallas, and 8 more U.S. cities. More than 10,000 massages. On New Year's. During the worst snowstorm in a decade. And oh yeah. Since then, Stress Recess has grown to over 20,000 massage therapists and almost 3500 Stress Recess "Team Leader" managers in over 500 cities.

read more › So-called quality of life benefits, running the gamut from on-site massages to well-stocked company kitchens, are making an appearance at many companies. IBM Interactive Media, Delta Air Lines, BellSouth, Coca-Cola and AT&T all hire Stress Recess to provide free, 15-minute chair massages to employees. Slavin accommodated her employee by scheduling meetings to begin after she picked up her son from a day-care center. The meetings ended in time for his evening feeding so the mom could go to Stress Recess' new "quiet corner" to breast-feed in private."

read more › At iXL Enterprises, Administrative Assistant Jennifer Altman gets a massage from Pat Murphy of Stress Recess Inc. What does ping-pong have to do with technology? Not much. But it could mean the difference in getting and keeping high-tech workers in metro Atlanta. Just ask Stuart Emanuel. In metro Atlanta, where one in five new jobs is a high-tech job, every little detail counts. Companies are going to great lengths to get high-tech workers: BMWs, $5,000 employee-referral bonuses, rock concerts, on-site masseuses.

read more › Imagine that after a grueling day of meeting deadlines, organizing records or attending corporate board meetings, you get a treat: Your boss springs for a massage for your entire department. Northside Hospital apparently realizes the stress its doctors are under between delivering babies, patching up wounds, performing major surgery and dealing with HMOs. The hospital recently signed an agreement with Stress Recess of Atlanta to provide massages to Northside's 3,500 employees. Called "corporate massages, " the rubdowns take place while the fully clothed massagee sits on a special chair.

read more › Peddling a million books, toys, or computers, on the Net is pretty straightforward. You build a Website, link it to a database that lets customers place orders, find a way to fulfill requests, and create a system for patrons to track deliveries and make returns. But what if you don't sell a product? Can you sell services by the hour online? Peter Belvin, president and CEO of Stress Recess Inc. in Atlanta, Ga., is counting on it. He's got plans to launch a business-to-business Website in early 2000 that will let his massage company's corporate customers, such as Coca Cola Corp. and Georgia Pacific, book time for their employees over the Web.

read more › At Blue Squirrel, an Internet software company, allowances for drinks and snacks, quarterly team bonuses for sales, and matching 401(k) plan contributions have disappeared. The company has even stopped providing tissues in its offices. At iXL, a high-tech consulting firm, employees now pay for their massages. And, at online furniture retailer, the weekly happy hour is a thing of the past. What's happening at these organizations? In short, they're looking for ways to reduce their expenses in order to stay afloat in an environment in which they can't count on new infusions of venture capital.

read more › We are offering this perk to thank our customers for their business and to promote relaxation and comfort during their journeys. Also, our members have told us that sometimes they just want to relax while they are visiting the Crown Rooms. We are excited to provide them with this opportunity. Delta Crown Room Clubs provide members a comfortable place to meet with friends, converse with business associates and conduct business, or just relax before or between flights. Individual Crown Room memberships enable members to enjoy complimentary beverages in all 50 clubs throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

read more › Abstract: Frequent fliers pay $450 a year to use American's 32 domestic clubs, less if they have elite status. But fancy clubs aren't just about membership fees. Having a top-flight club is a tool to lure business passengers who have been in shorter supply lately as the economy has tightened. DALLAS/FORT WORTH AIRPORT - Jim and Janet Roseman barely had time to admire the tan Brazilian granite floors and English sycamore paneling. As soon as they stepped into the new Admirals Club at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Jim shot over to the cyber cafe to take one last look at e-mail.

read more › Stress Recess provides corporate wellness services that are interactive, fun and cost effective. Consider Stress Recess a resource for HR managers and benefits consultants. In addition to a full range of low-cost health and stress assessments, our in-house creative staff can support your wellness program with sparkling health-themed content created for you. Our projects include a mobile health van for Woman's Day Magazine, a "relaxation station" for employees at IKEA stores, and a Faith & Wellness event for a national church group.

read more › If you are thinking about a corporate chair massage program for your office or company as part of your wellness benefits package, you will want to consider the benefits to employees and your company. Whether you provide massage regularly, just during "crunch" times, or as an employee appreciation treat, massage can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health. Participation - 99% of your employees will take part in a chair massage program, study after study have shown this to be true.

read more › Do you have questions about setting up a corporate chair massage program for your office or company? Are you not sure why you should choose chair massage for your wellness program? Below we have answered these questions and others from companies interested in setting up their own workplace chair massage program. The Stress Recess doctor-approved workplace massage method incorporates refreshing techniques like targeted stretching and "effleurage" to leave staff feeling energized and looking neat, ready to take on the day.

read more › No matter what the economy, valuable workers can take their pick of jobs. For as little as $13 per employee per year, a corporate chair massage program can have a big impact your company. Even a single Stress Recess Employee Appreciation massage day can lift morale or help your company get through a tough patch. With the sky-rocketing costs of health insurance, many companies struggle to find benefits to help attract and retain employees. Stress Recess Corporate Massage programs increase job satisfaction and create a caring environment that employees appreciate.

read more › We can get a corporate chair massage quote to you today for any sized event or program. For a chair massage quote give Stress Recess a call 404-668-9651. Our massage experts are here 8am to 8pm EST to help you price and plan your massage event or program. Let Stress Recess help. Just give us an idea of your budget, and we will give you great options and everything you need to plan massage for your company. Our chair massage quote includes everything; unlike other companies we never charge extra fees, taxes or gratuities.

read more › Stress Recess has been providing corporate chair massage, wellness services in Atlanta since 1996. Successful international companies like Delta, Coke and IBM were quick to adopt employee wellness programs back in the 90's, while other companies were still wondering what corporate wellness was about. Emory University helps their students relax during exam times with their comprehensive stress reduction program which involves meditation, yoga and chair massage. I wish I was an Emory student! MailChimp is an active participant in our wellness seminar program offering their staff "Lunch & Learns" covering topics such as green cleaning and recycling.

read more › Creating a health fair event for your employees is a daunting task. Finding the right date, organizing the vendors, reserving the conference room and promoting the event can take weeks. After all that hard work, the worst thing that can happen, is that no one shows up! Getting employees to your health fair event is as important as the content and wellness services which go into making your health fair great. That is why you should buy chair massage for your health or wellness fair to increase attendance!

read more › Understanding your health today is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Your workplace health fair results measure your LDL, glucose, BMI and more. It almost seems like you need a bio chemistry degree just to make sense of your wellness results. Then, when you understand what it all means, what do you need to do to maintain or improve your health? Handouts do little to help employees who have no framework to make sense of it all, so how can you help? This is why wellness seminars are becoming more and more popular.

read more › Mediation training seminars & workshops in Atlanta are one of our most popular programs! Our mindfulness team-oriented relaxation approach encourages empathy, helpfulness, and deep stress relief. Employees work together and learn to relax, deal with frustration, and treat each other with kindness and support. Improving effectiveness and attitude for CSR's and others who directly clients or customers. Stress Recess offers dozens of stress management, creativity, and teamwork seminars and we can even create a custom seminar to your needs.

read more › Stress Recess has been providing event services for promotions, trade-shows, conventions and meetings since 1996, so we know what you need to make your event memorable. Let's face it, chair massage companies are not exactly known for reliability. Stress Recess is the only massage company that promises on-time service, with no cancellations, ever, all backed by a double-your-money-back 100% Reliability Guarantee. We've got caring, smiling massage therapists for your convention, meeting, trade show, or event with as little as 24 hours notice.

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