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Tender Loving Touch Massage Tender Loving Touch Massage offers a variety of massage options from seated chair massages, parrafin hand and foot treatments to hot stone massages. These different treatments cater to various different ailments within the body. This is a unique new therapy that relaxes tight muscles - instantly and painlessly! It's an effective way to release stress and tension, relieve aches and pains, loosen tight muscles, and improve sports performance.

Massages are considered part of alternative medicine and can be used to relieve various ailments from stress and anxiety to on the job or sports related injuries.

The intake form includes information such as contact information, medical history and informed consent/release of liability. Contact information is important for follow-ups as well as to inform you of special offers and maybe even send you a gift card on your birthday! Of course, you always have the right to request that we not contact you, but I still

Deep focused massage strokes utilizing all or some combination of compression, drainage, friction, vibration, and tapotement are used in sports or deep tissue massage. Sports massage is designed to enhance an athlete's performance. It is achieved through specialized manipulations that stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph system.

The paraffin treatment is an effective method of delivering consistent warmth to painful joints and limbs. The treatment includes immersing the hand or foot in hot liquid paraffin in a series of layers to the bone articulations. The wax coating raises the temperature of the skin and deep layers. The layers of wax help insulate the extremity, holding

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