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In light of the pandemic and all that it entails, I will not be reopening my practice until further notice. The reason I'm making this decision is the same reason I decided to close my practice on 3/14 well before the state-mandated non-essential businesses to close: to protect the safety of my clients, myself, and our community. Knead Therapeutic Massage is committed to providing highly skilled, evidence based massage and bodywork to anyone and any body.

Goals are determined by the client, making communication essential. Combines various modalities to effectively reach the best therapeutic results for your individual needs. Techniques include neuromuscular, myofascial, Swedish, deep tissue, positional release, cupping, and Thai stretching. Clients soft tissue, range of motion, and referring pain patterns are evaluated in order to provide effective and customized massage.

This invigorating practice originated as a form of preventive care. Combines acupressure, myofascial release, and assisted stretching.

read more › Modalities you might experience in any given session could include Thai massage/restorative stretching which acts to increase range of motion and mobilize the joints. Medicupping, which enables an increase in lymphatic flow and metabolic waste removal, wonderful for pre and post surgery. Deep tissue/trigger point which works to eliminate pain referral patterns and regain structural integrity to chronically tense muscles. Overall my main focus is you the client. What are your goals and how can I help reach and maintain them?

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