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Fluidity Therapeutic Mobile Massage Angela "Angie" Wilson is the CEO and founder of Fluidity Therapeutic Mobile Massage (FTMM). As a wellness professional with over 20 years of experience and medical training, she believes that giving the body proper care facilitates self-healing. FTMM was started with an awareness that fast-paced living can harm the body. Genuine love for people and the goal to help them was the driving force behind starting her own company.

Compassion for people, linked with curiosity for the body's reaction to stimuli, motivates her to stay in tune with the latest therapeutic treatments. Angie shares information with her clientele to empower them to meet healthier mobility. She has grown a loyal client base through Body by Fluidity (BBF), eager to discuss her client's concerns from head to toe.

BBF continues to be an essential aid in keeping selfcare a priority coupled with the convenience of FTMM in their lives. Having the opportunity to hone her skills at Burke Williams, one of the best spa companies in California, Angie's love of massage led her to develop a signature line of all-natural body balms in 2017.

read more › The following list of basic massage applications addresses some of the most common needs I encounter when working with my clients. That said, each individual I work with receives customized attention for their needs. Using the sum of my experience and training, I can offer a combination of modalities to address the unique needs of the individual. Therapeutic modalities are perfect for those who are dealing with pain, but who are not receiving massage therapy as recommended by a doctor for a specific medical condition.

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