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Get expert massage therapy at affordable prices and invest in your health TM SM with regular massages at Body Zen!. Rebalance in each session with hot towels, aromatherapy, hot stones, restorative maracuja flower seed oil and relaxing CBD oil in a comfortable environment to get your Body Zen. You can schedule online with the Body Zen page at massagebook, (you can choose pay later when scheduling/checking out).

Easily worth $100 an hour if not far more, you can get astonishing Introductory Deals & Gift Card Rates up to 41% Off regular price expert massages! And incredible Membership Rates & Deals purchasing Sets of 3! Body Zen has always practiced a truly extra-ordinary level of sanitation and social distancing between each client, by keeping a half hour between clients to properly clean and set up our currently one room studio.

And 'we' will not only continue to do so but have enhanced measures; to include sanitizing the table(s) after each client, using extra disposable face rest barriers and face masks are available upon client request.

As humans we hold most of our tension in our neck and shoulders and spend a lot of time on our feet. So resting and rejuvenating with this treatment is essential to anyone with an active lifestyle who needs relief from stress and fatigue. Unique to Body Zen, this session focuses on the neck, shoulders, head and feet/calves, and is done facing down and

And after years of working for excellent companies I've been operating & developing Body Zen Massage & Health Sciences for four years already! It's very similar to the structural posture with the knee bends and a few other stretches. It's taken much, longer than I anticipated when the idea first began as a simple online video for my clients to help

More and more massage is becoming accepted as a beneficial component to other health care practices and by comparison is far more affordable than many other medical costs, while excelling at preventing disease. And massage therapy and bodywork does wonders for improving health, athletic performance and longevity while preventing injuries. Massage therapy

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