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Therassage Bodyworks We believe massage can be a powerful tool in healing the body and promoting a great feeling of well-being. We specialize in therapeutic and sports modalities that are effective removing stubborn tension and knots. Our massage is that 'hurts so good' type of massage that leaves you feeling amazingly refreshed and free of even the deepest muscle aches.

We offer any massage at a single price, your therapist will tailor each massage to your needs. Our specialty is therapeutic massage where we affect the root cause of your pain and know how to really get in there and release tension, knots, and adhesions. Our massage it's that "hurts so good" type of massage and is adjusted to your personal comfort level so that we don't leave you feeling bruised and beaten, but refreshed and free of pain.

read more › We offer work place massage using specialized massage chairs instead of tables. In-Office massage is a great way to reward employees increase productivety and reduce corporate health related health expenses. American Institute of Stress states that an estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress. Repetitive musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome have become the nation's leading workplace health cost and account for almost a third of all workers' compensation awards.

read more › We are a personal training company based out of Tampa, Florida committed to making a difference and we want YOU to be a part of it! Our goal is to change lives through exercise, nutrition, and passion, while tailoring fitness into a shirt you won't ever want to take off. There are many different fitness and weight loss programs out there and many people think that one program can work for everyone. We know that 1 program does not work for everybody and that is why we offer personal training and online coaching that is tailored specifically to accomplish the goals you wish to achieve.

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