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Our facial treatments are customized to fit all skin types and will reveal a healthier, more radiant complexion. Skin Camp is an open-concept facial bar located in Los Angeles/West Hollywood. We provide our customers with professional facial massage treatments for all skin types in order to achieve healthier, more radiant skin. Our range of services include our Signature Lift & Contour massage in every treatment with boosters that include Micro-Current Lifting, Oxygen Therapy, and LED Light Rejuvenation.

read more › We specialize in facial massages that rejuvenate and refresh while giving your skin a workout. Our range of services include our Signature Lift & Contour facial massage in every treatment with boosters that include Micro-Current Lifting, Oxygen Therapy, and LED Light Rejuvenation. We use locally-sourced, organically-grown skincare products, which are carefully crafted to address all skin care needs including anti-aging.

read more › A facial workout for our hard-working boss babes. Refresh and rejuvenate the skin with an exfoliation treatment and our Signature Lift and Contour massage. Cool down and finish off with a custom crystal roller. Get that sculpted and contoured face of your dreams with our Signature Lift and Contour massage to remove muscle tension and naturally contour your face. Includes Gua Sha sculpting, a firming mask, and a custom crystal roller to finish off. Treat your skin to a natural glow with a radiance peel, our Signature Lift and Contour massage, and a Micro-Current treatment.

read more › Being a #bossbabe is a full-time job, and our CEO facial is the perfect pick-me-up to relax the mind and facial muscles. Your skin works overtime each day, and our estheticians are here to give your complexion the vacation it deserves. CEO starts with an exfoliation treatment - removing dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin to deep clean and let you glow from within. This is followed by our Signature Lift and Contour Massage to enhance and add definition to your facial features, and a cool down with your favorite facial roller to relax, recharge, and radiate into the week like the real CEO you are.

read more › It starts with our radiance peel to gently exfoliate while brightening and improving the appearance of skin - before moving into our Signature Lift and Contour massage for sculpted and defined features to go with your brightness boost. Name a better duo than chiseled cheekbones and a gorgeous glow, we'll wait. And the radiance is only amplified as our estheticians finish your Glow massage with a combination of face rollers to soothe and add sparkle to your skin. You'll notice that "post-facial" glow right after treatment, which creates a flushed appearance similar to how you look after a workout.

read more › You don't need a makeup palette to contour and define your features to perfection - just our Sculpt facial! You're in great hands with our expert estheticians - hugging every curve of your face with our Signature Lift and Contour massage to deliver the sculpted jawline and cheekbones of your dreams. It's not just a sculpting session you'll get, either - as this treatment also releases muscle tension and relaxes the face with a Gua Sha session, firming mask, and custom crystal roller. All the things you need to lift your spirits and skincare routine.

read more › You'll notice that "post-facial" glow right after treatment, which creates a flushed appearance similar to how you look after a workout. Since Train is a multitasking massage with a variety of skin benefits - it may take up to a week or two to see all the gorgeous effects of your facial. Enhanced facial features, more balanced tone and texture, relaxation in the face. This massage is a mix of ancient Japanese and Eastern European techniques. You're in great hands as our estheticians relax and rub to add definition and enhance your best features.

read more › A Detox for the mind, soul, and skin. This multitasking facial can do it all - starting with a detoxifying masque to deeply exfoliate and pull impurities from the pores. As a result, your complexion will be more glowy, cleansed, and balanced than ever! But our Detox treatment definitely doesn't stop there. You'll also get essential extractions with a High Frequency treatment, our Signature Lift and Contour Massage, and a custom facial roller massage to enhance your complexion like a Detox-ed dream.

read more › Do you even lift? This multitasking facial gives your skin the ultimate workout - starting with microdermabrasion to extract impurities from the pores for a radiant, rejuvenated look. And then the real exercise begins with our microcurrent treatment, in which our estheticians blend modern technology with an ancient massage to exert your facial muscles and enhance your features. We're talking higher brows, sculpted cheekbones, and a stronger jawline. The massage ends with the Skin Camp Signature Lift & Contour Massage, which lives up to its name for extra lifting effect and transformative results like no facial you've ever had.

read more › Looking for the most A-list facial treatment around? Red Carpet is a celebrity favorite for deeply cleansed, sparkling skin that's brighter than the lights of Hollywood. It begins with a cleansing mask that reaches deep into your pores, before going into Micro-Current Lifting - a technique that uses electrical pulses to "exercise" the facial muscles and define your features. You know, celebrity style. Red Carpet Facial continues with an Oxygen Blast to add smoothness and radiance, followed by innovative 24K Gold Sheets across the skin.

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