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Hi, my name is Jack Nishiuchi Lang. I am an independent Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist and have been practicing for over 31 years. I am California State Certified #3583. While my work consist of different modalities (Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release.), my intention is to assist clients in creating balance with the mind and body.

Aligning the mind will aid in aligning the body. Bodywork is based on the client's needs. An intensive deep tissue massage using strong techniques to release excessively 'stressed' muscles, tendons and fascia. Stress and tension block oxygen and nutrient supply and create a build up of toxins in the muscle tissue. Our Deep Tissue Massage helps to loosen and rehydrate muscle tissues, release toxins and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.

Perfect for helping to relieve trapped nerves, breakdown taut and fatigued muscles and unlock joint restriction to increase mobility and range of motion. Our deep tissue massage will also locate and neutralise areas of unhealthy muscle tissue, which if left untreated can lead to chronic pain conditions and injury.

read more › Mind-Body Alignment is a 12 session series. Each session is approximately 2 hours and consist of 20 - 30 minutes of Mindful Cognitive Therapy followed by a 90 minute Massage session focusing on the topic of the session. Together, these sessions will provide the framework to achieving a more balanced and healthy way of living. You will learn how your thoughts and emotions effect your physical state, and how your physical state effects your emotional state.

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