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Transformative Acupuncture Regular acupuncture treatments can improve many medical conditions. Healing can be mental, emotional or physical. Deep healing requires that you be an active participant in your own care. This means a healthy diet and regular exercise and fostering healthy relationships. Felicia treats patients for pain, stress and anxiety. She can also treat many internal medicine conditions.

Felicia specializes in treating ALL CHRONIC PAIN & HEALTH CONDITIONS through Oriental Medicine, Energy Work, and Nutrition as The Chronic Conditions Specialist. Felicia provides a pleasant "healing experience" rather than JUST NEEDLES combining several complementary modalities to deliver the best results for her patients. Her Jacksonville clinic is a quick drive for residents of Julington Creek, Fruit Cove, Mandarin, Bartram and Southside.

Zyra provides many complementary types of bodywork including relaxation massage, Shiatsu, hot stone massage, aromatherapy and Reiki. She customizes each massage to the individual's needs and comfort levels to provide optimum therapy in each session.

read more › I grew up in Mobile, AL - the original home of Mardi Gras in the US. Prior to becoming an Acupuncture Physician, I did various office jobs. Even though I was very good at office work I was never truly satisfied with these job choices. I always felt drawn towards helping people in a bigger way. Fortunately I discovered acupuncture at age 26. And I decided to become an Acupuncture Physician after my very first visit. After years of suffering with Chronic Fatigue and frequent colds and flus, acupuncture gave me sustainable energy and vitality.

read more › Felicia Dyess, AP combines Acupuncture, Tui Na bodywork, Reiki healing and The Intra-Wellness Method into her therapy sessions. She also evaluates your diet and nutrition to see where improvements can be made with home care. Most people feel a positive change with their symptoms within 1-2 treatments after seeing Felicia. Most health complaints require 5-8 treatments once per week for patients to notice SIGNIFICANT LASTING changes. Serving the residents of Jacksonville FL; and a quick drive from: Fruit Cove, Mandarin, Julington Creek, and Southside.

read more › Expect your treatments with Felicia Dyess AP to be more of a "healing experience" rather than just acupuncture needles. Her abilities allow her to go beyond Oriental Medicine and Energy Work - and provide a fusion of both during your treatment. Felicia Dyess is a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Medicine Healer who has dedicated the last 7 years to intense intuition development and energy work training as well as creation of her own forms of energy healing and emotional reprogramming work. She has done advanced energy work training with Dr. Karen Kan who is an MD, Medical Acupuncturist and Spiritual Medicine Doctor.

read more › First Acupuncture Session: This is a 45 min session that includes a consultation and treatment. Treatment may include Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Energy Work, Bodywork and Positive Emotion Work depending on the patient's beginning care needs. You will be IN and OUT of the office in about an hour after payment and rescheduling. Express Acupuncture Follow-Up : This is an affordably session with approximately 25 of therapy where you are able to leave the office in about 45 min maximum. Long Acupuncture Follow-Up with more Bodywork: This session is approximately 45 min of therapy that includes more Bodywork than the Express Acupuncture Follow-Up session.

read more › The average treatment could take 1-3 treatments on average before a change is notice. In some cases, it may take up to 5 sessions before a noticeable change in symptoms occurs. In my office, most patients feel a change after the FIRST treatment. State law requires the Florida acupuncturists use single-use disposable needles that are sterile and pre-packaged. Needles are then disposed of in a Sharp's bio-hazard container. Acupuncture needles stimulate special points along the body called acupuncture points which are located on the acupuncture meridians.

read more › To help maintain your safety, I can provide a Telehealth Consult while you are in the safety of your home. My basic sessions are only $50 for 20 minutes. Once I have assessed your symptoms, internal patterns and current medications I can often prescribe targeted Chinese herbal formulas that can be drop-shipped to your home. After tasting how awesome these herbs are, I couldn't wait to add these formulas to my practice. These traditional formulas (hundreds to thousands of years old) have been combined with tasty and complementary fruits and spices by a pioneering Chef/Acupuncturist-Chinese Herbalist.

read more › I am a Pomifera Independent Brand Partner because of my own great experiences using the product. The premier ingredient, found in the Midwest, is Maclura Pomifera (known as an Osage Orange or hedge balls or hedge apples). If you would like more information, please send me a message at My favorite products are the Pomifera Rose oil, the Rejuvenating Youth Serum and the Restorative Facial Exfoliant.

read more › For MASSAGE or KAMBO APPOINTMENTS with Zyra Arroyo, LMT of Massage Renaissance (MA48661 * MM35764), you must CALL (904) 412-1428. Messages received during the weekend or after hours will be addressed the next business day during contact hours (with the exception of patients or clients scheduled on a Saturday or attendees of a weekend event). From I-295, travel SOUTH towards Julington Creek. Travel a few miles going south, and once you pass Loretto Road you have about ONE MILE to go. Office park is located on the RIGHT just after you see Harbor Chase retirement apartments.

read more › Do you get a treatment at your first acupuncture visit at Transformative Acupuncture in Jacksonville, FL? Amazing bodywork provided by Felicia Dyess AP at Transformative Acupuncture in Jacksonville FL. Get some bliss happening in your life with awesome acupuncture available at Transformative Acupuncture in Jacksonville FL.

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