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Myo-My Massage & Wellness Myo-My Massage and Wellness is a holistic experience that focuses on the Who, What, Where, When and Why a dysfunction exists and looks for every possible measure to restore our clients back to optimal health without the use of invasive methods. The integration of Neuromuscular, Orthopedic, deep tissue, and traditional Swedish massage, Reflexology, Chi (energy), sound, and intuitive psychotherapy, have proven to offer the highest quality results with our clients.

We work diligently to minimize repeat clients, as our "on purpose with purpose" intention is to encourage LOYAL clients. We pride ourselves on being non-conforming and non-traditional when it comes to finding problem areas and applying specific modalities and techniques. We don't just want our clients to "feel" better. We expect them to BE better.

In order to live a higher quality life, one must first take ownership of it, and be held accountable for it. Healthy decisions are the basis for healthy manifestations. Each of us has the ability and responsibility to create our own optimal wellness- not just for ourselves, but for the sake of universal balance.

Massage is no longer just considered a luxury experience afforded to the wealthy and elite. It has become more noted for its healing, rehabilitative and preventative properties. Massage therapy, in general term, simply refers to the methods used to aid the body into self-healing through the RE-activation of soft tissue (muscle) and neurology (nerve

It is often overlooked or forgotten that the ability to receive or experience the sensation of touch, is based on the connection, interpretation and flow of energy. No need to envy. Experience the benefits of massage TOGETHER! Couple's massage is a great way to not only spend quality time with a loved one, it is also way to hold one another accountable

Myo-My Massage and Wellness LLC, practitioners and/or its affiliates, are not responsible in any way for any likely or unlikely adverse effects that may arise from misuse, overuse, cross-use or inappropriate use or practice of these or any other services provided. Diligent research is advised before taking further action. These sounds are associated

The Bronze 60 membership provides hassle-free monthly access to (2) 60-minute full body relaxation massages. The Gold 90 membership provides hassle-free monthly access to (2) 90-minute full body relaxation or therapeutic massage services, including copper stone wellness (when available). The Platinum 120 membership provides hassle-free monthly access

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