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I believe in embracing serendipity, in valuing authentic connections, and taking pride in my work. I grew up in a tiny mountain town of rural Pennsylvania. It happened to have a little massage school which I often passed on the way to the library. I had never seriously considered massage as a career path, but out of curiosity I popped inside one day.

Walking through those doors felt like coming home. Massage has always felt a bit magical to me. I continue to marvel at the mysterious tie between body, mind and spirit. It is a great privilege to be able to help others on their healing journey through the power of touch and by simply listening. I am so grateful to be able to share the gift of massage and am glad that you have found me.

About two years ago, I had my first 90 minute Ashiatsu Massage with Hannah. It was the BEST massage I have ever had in my life, and I have had hundreds over the past 30 years. I won't go anywhere else for a massage.

read more › Immediately after High School, I attended the small and local Synergy Healing Arts Center and Massage School (Now called Synergy Massage & Wellness Center) in Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. My massage technique tends to be intuitive. Using a gentle, but firm touch I rely on my clients' feedback to expertly pinpoint the line where therapeutic pressure and deep relaxation intersect. Whether you are looking for improved athletic performance, injury rehabilitation, or simple relaxation, I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

read more › This massage is a hands-only classic and great for those who prefer a lighter touch. For deep tissue work I usually recommend Ashiatsu, but for those who have physical limitations such as osteoporosis or spinal injury, this is the way to go. We still have the tools of trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, and cupping at our disposal. Pressure is customized to your comfort level and I rely heavily on client feedback. Sessions can be tailored to target specific problem areas or can be a more general relaxation style full-body massage.

read more › Lesley is our new guest massage therapist who will be offering limited hours while building up her personal practice. She is a passionate and intuitive bodyworker with over 17 years of active experience and quality training. Laughter and smiles come easily to Lesley. She has spent much of her life moving and travelling and is ready to make Colorado her forever home. She enjoys hiking and being in nature, reading, has an adventurous and explorative spirit, and enjoys time with friends. Her original training was as a (medically based) licensed massage therapist and NeuroMuscular Therapist.

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