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Helping you get out of chronic pain is my goal even if you've had your pain pattern for a long time. For ladies who've just had lyposuction and seek Manual Lymphatic Drainage, I offer an amazing hands-on-combined system. Going beyond the norm, my goal is your maximum health and recovery. I use scientific soft tissue methods combined with a holistic approach to produce results that can be both felt and measured by your pre and post postural analysis.

read more › Hello, I'm Sharon Thomas, Board Certified, State Licensed Medical Massage Therapist in practice for over 25 years. Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services provides professional Colorado Springs massage therapy services in and around Colorado Springs, CO. Specializing in Medical Massage modalities that are scientifically based and measurable along with holistic techniques to rebalance the natural flow of energy in the body, I'm offering you my best effort to help restore balance to your physiology.

read more › Colorado Springs Medical Massage Therapy provides professional therapy services in and around Colorado Springs, CO. Medical Massage Therapy is one of the special modalities offered. Medical Massage is a medically focused therapy providing corrective, rehabilitative and restorative benefits to the soft tissue. Soft tissue includes muscle, fascia, tendons, adhesions and the joint capsule. Medical Massage is ideal for persons with pain or chronic pain, auto, sport or other injury, repetitive motion conditions or just plain 'can't figure it out' situations and more!

read more › A Very Special Patron Discount and/or Military Discount for a 4-pack of Medcial Massage sessions up to 10 hours of treatment over the four sessions. For those with chronic pain patterns, repetative motion conditions, aches, injury, energy constrictions, etc., (based in soft tissue pathology) a series of four sessions distanced at one week intervals is an excellent way to unwind compensations that may keep your pain patterns locked in and chronic. The intent is to restore quality of life, reduced or eliminated pain, ease and upliftment.

read more › Sharon is a very gifted and professional massage therapist. She was a valuable resource in helping me with pain reduction and increased mobility following an automobile accident. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking high quality massage therapy services. Thanks, Mark. I'm glad you were able to be helped with your pain and movement, following your MVA. Sharon has been such a great help to me! I have suffered with nerve pain in my back for over 13 years now. She has been patient and has worked with me to figure out the root cause of my pain, something no one else has ever taken the time.

read more › Medical Massage is a specialty massage therapy that is corrective (helpful in realigning compensation patterns that may cause malfunction and pain), rehabilitative (helpful in increasing circulation and restoring function/mobility and reducing lymph swelling ) and restorative (helping to re-establish ease and quality of life). It also uses proprioceptive resistant stretches to reprogram the brain to once again acknowledge the muscle function. It is ideal for persons with pain or chronic pain, auto, sport or other injury, repetitive motion conditions, lymphatic conditions or just plain 'can't figure it out' situations!

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