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Melissa Miller Medical Massage I am a Medical Massage Therapist in Tucson. I specialize in- and primarily see people who have been injured in auto accidents. I am one of just a few qualified injury-based manual therapists in Tucson. I take on your auto-injury case and do the billing for your auto injuries. This eliminates stress and allows you to focus on your healing and not have to worry about the financial burden while healing.

I have over 15 years of experience in this field. I have great success at helping people recover and get back to pre-accident condition using the best modalities in the manual therapy industry. I also am diligent and proficient at documenting your care the entire time- which helps claim reimbursement. Although many people come to see me because they have a prescription from their doctor due to an injury, I also see other people because they are simply in pain and need help.

If I am not billing your insurance, it is not required for you to have a prescription to see me. However, many of my referring providers will write you a prescription to give to me so I know the exact diagnosis and/or for your medical expense tax write-off.

read more › Being in a car accident can wreak havoc in all areas of your life. On top of being injured, you may have multiple doctors appointments, meetings with your insurance company, taking your car to the auto body shop, dealing with the rental car agency, obtaining an attorney, and being unable to perform daily tasks such as; brushing your teeth, vacuuming or even sleeping. You may even be missing work and unable to participate in family functions- I get it, I have been there. I have been rear-ended twice and I know what it's like going through the process.

read more › In 2004 I graduated the 1100 hour massage therapy program at Renton Technical College in Renton, WA. I have over 15 years experience treating people with injuries. I have treated injuries such as whiplash sustained in auto accidents, low back pain from an on-the-job injury, as well as chronic issues such as migraines, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, knee pain, tennis and golfer's elbow, foot pain and jaw pain. Whatever your activity and injury, I have likely treated someone with the same pain/limited mobility patterns as you.

read more › Allowing someone to work on your body is a very personal thing and sometimes it helps to get to know them personally beforehand, so here's a bit about me. I grew up in central Tucson, but I have spent the last 17 years in the Seattle area and just recently moved back home to Tucson after my father passed away. Being back in Tucson and close to most of my family is really quite special. I am so glad to be home! In addition to my family here, I have three more sisters and one brother that are spread across the country.

read more › Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI's) are injuries that are sustained from doing repetitious activities. For example doing any of the following for a significant amount of time; sitting at a computer, holding a baby on your hip, lifting overhead, leaning over a car engine, quilting and sewing, gardening, sitting in an unnatural position, playing an instrument, dancing, etc. Repetitive movements can cause pain, fatigue, strain, adhesions, scar tissue, trigger points and even nerve entrapment- which can lead to more pain that can become chronic.

read more › I have been treating people who have been injured on-the-job since 2004. I have seen carpal tunnel syndrome, low back strains, shoulder injuries, concussions and neck injuries, ankle sprains and more. I will bill your Workers' Compensation claim directly so that you can concentrate on healing. Please call the office today so that we can get you scheduled and on your way to healing 520.858.0350.

read more › I hope that the following information is useful and answers any questions you may have. I look forward to being able to assist you in feeling better and/or recover from an injury. Feel free to check out my Professional Profile or my Personal Profile to learn more about me. Please arrive early; 5-10 minutes if you have already filled out your paperwork, 15 minutes if you haven't. If you are a smoker please do not smoke the day of your appointment before you come in (I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke).

read more › We are on the NW corner of Oracle and Roller Coaster Rd. It's the only building on this corner. There are a few addresses on this building, so please use the photos below to guide you here. We are on the second floor and there are stairs as well as an elevator. Friday: 9am-1pm (please note there is no one to answer the phones or return calls on Friday's).

read more › If you are looking to make an appointment, please call the front desk, as that is the fastest way to get one scheduled. Email is not preferred and will take longer as I am with patients all day long and will just refer you to the person who does the scheduling. Email is best if you have specific questions about your condition. Pricing, billing questions, directions, etc. will all be answered by front the desk. Thank you kindly.

read more › After the patient's first visit, I will write an initial report detailing my findings and treatment plan, I will send this to you upon request. I automatically send a report to you after the initial prescription expires. You may use my Medical Massage Prescription if you'd like. At the bottom of the prescription you may check the box indicating you'd like an initial report. You may fax that prescription to 520.448.0819 or give it to the patient to bring in. If the patient does not benefit from my treatment in the first 30 days, I will refer them back to you to discuss other treatment options and/or imaging.

read more › Thank you for representing our mutual patient(s) and ensuring that they get the care they need. If you need to request records for your client, please fax or mail a patient-signed copy of Patient's Release of Health Care Info or a similar form that you use. My fax number is 520.448.0819. My address is 5675 N. Oracle RD #3202 Tucson, AZ 85704. I do not over-treat patients. I will provide medically necessary treatment as prescribed by their physician. I write up initial reports and progress reports with every patient, as well as keep very detailed SOAP notes.

read more › If you are an awesome therapist and employee and are interested in working in one of the best massage employment spaces in Tucson, please send me your resume at [email protected] and any additional info as to why you think you'd be a great addition to MMMM. If you are an independent therapist, you own your own business and are looking for help learning how to accept auto injury cases and how to bill them properly, I'd love to help. There is definitely a need here in Tucson and I want to get more therapists on board so that we can help more people.

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