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Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) with over 1000 hours of training & service in the healing arts. Nelson Olivera offers clients a unique combination of deeply intuitive abilities, emotional sensitivity and a broad range of massage techniques to provide deep release and relaxation that meets each client's individual needs. Asian therapies are combined with therapeutic modalities ranging from deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage to Swedish, Thai, myofascial release and barefoot techniques.

To the best of his abilities Nelson listens to your body. His goal is to deliver a skillful massage through a nurturing touch that provides the relaxation and release your body wants and needs throughout the session. He uses an intuitive approach built on a foundation of more than 1,000 hours of training and more than a decade of professional experience, integrating the best strokes from many different modalities.

Nelson listens to the body through muscle palpation skills and sensitivity to address each client's unique needs.

read more › My office location is on the second floor of a building without an elevator. In the case that this is not accessible for you, we can decide on an alternative, mutually agreeable location that is accessible to all. This massage session is customized by you; you are welcome to describe to your therapist what you feel your body needs and wants. Nelson offers clients a unique combination of deeply intuitive abilities, emotional sensitivity and a broad range of massage techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation throughout your session.

read more › I would like to thank all the clients that took a moment to write down the following testimonials. Thank you again for the very healing massage I received from you while I was at San Isidro Ranch. My body especially appreciates your work around my pacemaker to release the muscles here. Your massage was great and I appreciate the extra care you took by extending the time period and showing me techniques to work on myself. You do great work. If you know someone down here in this area that does massage close to as well as you, please let me know.

read more › I have been getting massage from Nelson every month or two for two years. Vertebrae problems cause me considerable neck and shoulder pain; Nelson is the only therapist who has been able to mitigate it for more than a few hours. After a massage I am able stand up straight and walk comfortably, a great feeling. He is also a very compassionate and caring person who actually listens to my current problems and is usually able to do something about them. I unconditionally recommend Nelson. Nelson is a definitely a healer!

read more › I went to Nelson based on other yelp reviews and was not disappointed. I got the really deep massage that previous therapists have promised but couldn't quite deliver. Nelson was flexible, creative and communicative in his approach to the persistent pain around my scapula, providing a massage that both went deep at the roots of my pain, and was soothing and relaxing too. I learned a bit of anatomy and got some good suggestions for dealing with my overworked muscles on my own. I will definitely go back to Nelson, and will recommend him to friends and colleagues too.

read more › Learn to use tennis ball to work on trigger point, Pilates on the mat to get stronger core muscles, Stretches. It is not difficult but very confusing to deal with soft tissue pain and discomfort. In lower back muscle pain, for example. It is specially hard when we can't sleep as we lie down to one side (we compress the area) and the muscle trigger fires. We turn to the other side (we stretch the top area) and when we are almost getting to sleep the muscle trigger fires again. We put the pillow between the legs (we lighten up the stretch).

read more › In yoga practice we place a block and lift exactly where he says: "Don't roll" the foam. The difference, i believe, is that in yoga we just lift on bridge pose and stretch without rolling. I stopped rolling but i lift and it releases my lower back pain till it tight again and i attend my next daily yoga practice.

read more › The Chakra Series: A Visual Journal of the Journey Within combines the self-reflection of written journals, the creative expression of visual journals and the memory-making of scrapbooking. It invites readers to create both written and artistic reflections of their inner journey on the spiritual path. The author has created four pieces to illustrate each chakra, including the emerging high heart of loving service between the heart and throat. Additional images invite contemplation of our relationship to past and future as well as the Divine Feminine and Divine Power.

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